Do You Need An Eye Cream?

There is some debate about eye creams and eye gels. Lots of people swear by them, others swear that they are unnecessary and just a way for brands to sell you more products. We know how overwhelming it can be to find answers, so we thought we’d break down the facts for you.

There’s a reason why your eyes look tired even if the rest of your face doesn’t. The skin around your eyes is actually thinner and more fragile than the rest of your face, which means that blood vessels or a buildup of fluid in the area can easily lead to dark circles and puffiness.

The area is also more prone to dryness, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t contain as many sebaceous or oil glands. This, coupled with squinting and other eye movements (did you know that you blink almost 10,000 times a day?), can contribute to fine lines around the eyes.

Then there’s the sun. As we all know, the sun can lead to premature aging. However, with the delicate nature of the eye contour area, many people start to see the signs of aging as soon as their early to mid-twenties.

Now that we know the truth about the eye contour area, it’s time for the big question: are eye creams actually better than using a regular moisturizer around the eyes? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. The delicate nature of the area means that it is much more prone to sensitivity. Most eye creams are specially formulated for the area and less likely to cause any irritation. Eye creams also tend to be slightly heavier and contain more emollients to soothe, moisturize, and soften the area. They also contain particular ingredients to target and treat concerns that are specific to the area.

It appears the question is no longer ‘should you use an eye cream?’, but ‘which eye cream should you use?’. Here are some of our favorite eye creams and gels for every concern.

Murad Renewing Eye Cream – This multi-tasking, anti-aging eye treatment will firm, brighten, and hydrate your eye contours for a smoother appearance. It also improves elasticity to prevent future lines.

Herbal Essentials Aloe Vera & Honey Under Eye Gel –  Late nights and spending too much time on a computer can tire out your eyes. This oil-free gel contains hydrating honey and calming aloe vera to keep your eye area refreshed and hydrated.

Elemis Anti-Ageing Time Defence Eye Reviver – While men generally have thicker skin than women, their eye contours still need a little extra TLC. This cream adds moisture specifically where needed, while reducing puffiness and the appearance of wrinkles.

SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair – Not only does this intensive treatment visibly soften fine lines and wrinkles, it also contains peptides and antioxidants to repair and protect the skin.

Cellucur Refresh Eye Gel – Cooling eye gels are a great choice for treating puffiness and darkness under the eyes. This eye gel is formulated to soothe the area, while the roll on applicator gently massages and drains excess fluids.

Dr. Hauschka Eye Revive – If you’ve been neglecting your eye area, these individual eye compresses will breathe freshness back into it. Chamomile, camellia, and black tea extracts calm, rejuvenate and, refresh the area for a brighter, more rested appearance.


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