Coconut Oil: A Skincare Superhero?

It seems like you can’t open up a website, or browse your social media feeds without coming across something extoling the virtues of coconut oil. While coconuts, and coconut oil, are nothing new, the whole world seems to have eagerly jumped on the coconut bandwagon. Everyone from soccer moms to A-list celebrities has praised the beauty benefits of topical coconut oil, but what is it about this ‘magical’ oil that makes it so special? And should you use it?

Coconut oil is extracted from coconuts, using several types of processes which lead to extra virgin coconut oil, or refined coconut oil. What makes coconut oil a great ingredient in beauty products is its composition. Coconut oil contains saturated fats, which smooth the skin and help it maintain its moisture content. Coconut oil is also packed with fatty acids like lauric acid, which have disinfectant properties and can help protect wounds and speed up healing. Also present in coconut oil is one of our favorite antioxidants, Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps repair wear and tear on the skin while keeping the skin smooth and protected. It also helps prevent premature aging. Finally, coconut oil is packed with proteins that help keep the skin strong, pliable, and healthy.

It’s also worth noting that coconut oil’s light texture and the fact that quickly absorbs into the skin make it perfect for hot climates. Now that you know why coconut oil is such a great beauty choice, here are some of our favorite coconut oil products for you to try.

Lierac Demaq Eye Makeup Remover – Coconut oil is a wonderful makeup remover, it quickly melts off mascara and eye liner, while soothing and moisturizing eyelashes and the delicate eye contour area. This makeup remover combines coconut oil with hydrating panthenol, soothing chamomile water, and a lash-growth peptide to strengthen your lashes.

Dr. Organic Coconut Oil Conditioner – The softening fatty acids in coconut oil make it an excellent treatment for dry or damaged hair. This volumizing and protecting hair conditioner is formulated with organic virgin coconut oil that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to condition and strengthen each strand.

Nip and Fab Yoga Blend Body Scrub – Coconut’s skin-softening and disinfectant properties make it a wonderful addition to body scrubs. Coconut oil hydrates and nourishes skin in this soothing scrub, while polishing walnut gently exfoliates and smooths, leaving you with baby soft skin.

Elemis Sweet Orchid Body Oil – Coconut oil is wonderful for dry, parched, or mature skin, thanks to its repairing protein content and healing vitamin E. And because it is absorbed so rapidly, it provides instant skin softening as well as a soothing effect. This delightfully-scented oil combines Japanese Stone Orchid and Tiare Flowers infused in coconut oil for the ultimate luxurious body treatment.

Dr. Hauschka Soothing Mask – Irritated, sensitive skin will love coconut oil, thanks to it naturally soothing and nourishing properties. This mask combines coconut oil with replenishing and toning witch hazel and nourishing shea butter to calm sensitive skin and restore its balance.

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