The Bride Guide – Body Care

You’ve got the venue, the dress, and even your hair and makeup planned. But are you prepared to look your best in your wedding gown? There are lots of easy ways to make sure you look and feel your best on your wedding day, from head to toe. Here are our favorite body care tips for brides.

  1. Get a (safe) tan. While many brides choose to lie out in the sun or hit a tanning booth prior to their wedding, we all know how dangerous that can be. Applying a fake tan before the wedding allows you to safely add some color without the risk of UV damage. Choose a natural-looking, waterproof formula that won’t stain your dress or run if you get a little sweaty on the dancefloor.
    Try: James Read Express Bronzing Mousse. This bronzing product comes in an easy-to-use mousse formula and contains green tea and aloe vera for a long-lasting tan that fades evenly.
  2. Soften your skin. Adding a couple of extra products to your routine will give you soft, smooth, glowing skin worthy of a magazine cover. Using a body product that contains an exfoliating ingredient, like glycolic acid, will soften your skin, get rid of any bumps or ingrown hairs, and even out your skin tone. Regular use of glycolic acid can also firm up the skin by increasing collagen production.
    Try: Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Body Cream, a moisturizing body cream that will brighten, soften, and refine your skin.
  3. Tone it up. You might be planning on toning up a little before the big day. But between all of the wedding planning and running around, who has time to hit the gym? Invest in an at-home muscle toning tool that will gently exercise your muscles and tone them without even hitting the gym. You can even use it while you’re watching TV.
    Try: Slendertone Arms Female Accessory, which uses the same EMS technology used in hospitals around the world to rehabilitate muscles, and will tone and tighten your arms.
  4. Get smooth, hair-free skin. The wedding might be the big event, but there are tons of events leading up to it, like an engagement party, henna night, and more! Make sure you’re prepared for each event by using an at-home hair removal system that provides long-lasting results and will keep your skin smooth and hair-free from the engagement to the honeymoon.
    Try: Tria Laser Hair Removal 4X, the only professional-strength hair removal laser for at-home use that can reduce hair by up to 70% in four weeks.
  5. Take care of your feet. Your wedding will probably involve dancing the night away in a pair of stunning, but very high heels. Start with some nightly exercises to strengthen your feet and ankles to ensure your feet are happy and pain-free at the end of the night. Nightly foot massages with a deeply hydrating foot cream will also help remove any tightness or knots in your feet.
    Try: Exuviance Heel Repair, an intensive cream that soothes tired feet while deeply moisturizing them.


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