Gym Bag Essentials

Along with most of the population, one of our New Year’s resolutions is to take our health and fitness seriously and get in shape. That means we will actually head to the gym this year, rather than letting our memberships go to waste. With busy days, it can be hard to find the time to work out, so we will try to throw in a workout whenever we can, whether that’s before heading to the office, after work, on our lunchbreaks, or instead of a lazy Saturday. With a little prep and the right products, we can pop into the gym and head to a meeting (or party) straight after. Keep these products in your gym bag and they will help you breeze in and out of the gym.

Dermalogica Clearing Skin Purifying Wipes – Working out in your makeup can cause your pores to get clogged up, which may lead to breakouts. A quick swipe with these wipes before and after your workout will keep your skin clear and smooth. These wipes can be used on your face and also on your body to prevent breakouts on your back, chest, or shoulders.

Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo – We hate to be those women who avoid the gym because of their hair, but it can sometimes be a deterrent. Our solution? We put our hair in braids before our workout, and then take them down afterwards for gorgeous waves. A quick spritz of dry shampoo to absorb oils and leave our hair bouncy and shiny, and we’re good to go! You can also you can also spray it in your gym bag to freshen up the smell.

InBody Band – Body Composition Analyzer – Keeping track of your progress is a great way to stay motivated and make sure you are challenging yourself. This body composition analyzer comes on an easy to use wristband and measures your skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, body fat percentage, BMI, visceral fat level, and heart rate for an in-depth analysis of your starting point and progress. It also has a step counter, sleep monitor, and calorie counter to keep you at your fittest.

Shiseido Perfect Hydrating BB Cream SPF30 Nix any post-workout redness or puffiness with a repairing BB cream. This oil-free BB cream will conceal pores and even out your skin tone in just one step. It also moisturizes the skin and protects against UV rays, so you will be ready to head outside as soon as you leave the locker room.

NIP + FAB Yoga Blend Body Lotion – Keep your skin in check and unwind after a grueling workout with this moisturizing and skin-softening lotion. A combination of calming lavender, soothing rose, and warming coconut will help you relax while glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids refine your skin texture.

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