Bounce Back After Vacation

As the summer comes to a close (well, the heat of summer is still here, but it’s back to work or school for most of us!), we are getting back into our normal routines after weeks of fun on vacation. We’ve spent our summer holidays exploring new cities, eating far too much local cuisine, and doing a little too much shopping, which means we’ve sadly been slacking on our skin and body care. But now we are ready to whip ourselves back into shape! Below are the products and tips we’re using to get our bodies back to normal after our holidays.

The Organic Pharmacy Detox Colon Cleanse and Gut Repair Capsules – We have never been able to resist a good dessert, or two, on holiday. But that often means that we come back feeling slightly sluggish, bloated, and a little bit heavier. These capsules contain natural and organic ingredients like Budrock Root, Barley Grass, Psyllium Husks, and Licorice Root to gently detoxify your body and leave you with better digestion, more energy, glowing skin, and possibly even weight loss.

Derma e Intensive Therapy Foot Cream – Most cities outside of the Arabian Gulf are made for exploring on foot, which involves a lot of walking. Walking is a great way to discover a new city, and maintain your health when you’re on holiday, but if you’re not used to it, it can leave you with sore, swollen, and tired feet. This therapeutic cream contains Peppermint, Menthol, Gingko and Arnica to improve circulation and relive tired, swollen feet so that you can fit back into your stilettos in no time.

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow – It’s easy to slack on skin care when you are on vacation. After all, who has the time to scrub down when there’s museum exploring and shopping to do? Whip your skin back into shape with this exfoliating scrub that contains an infusion of mineral rich salts, Tahitian monoi oil, and exotic flowers that will buff away dead skin cells and nourish your skin.

Dr. Organic Vitamin E Scar And Stretch Mark Serum – Have your cute summer sandals left you with blisters or scars? This serum is packed with potent vitamin E that absorbs deep into the skin to instantly nourish and encourage regeneration, smoothing and toning out scars. Use it to fade any scars from blisters, bug bites, or general clumsiness.

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil – Replenish dry, sunburned skin with this luxurious body oil, complete with nourishing Moroccan Rose Otto oil. Containing ceramides and phosopolipids to restore lost moisture, and tocotrienols to protect against premature aging and environmental damage, this beautifully-scented oil will restore your youthful skin tone and texture. A big bonus? This moisturizing oil will also help prolong your hard-earned tan

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