Day Creams that Suit you

We spend so much time discussing concerns and issues that relate to having dry skin, oily skin, and even mature skin, but we rarely talk about maintaining healthy skin or just giving your skin a little boost in the radiance department.

With the winter social season around the corner, many of us want our skin to be ready for the spotlight. Keeping your skin happy and healthy is a great way to get it glowing, and the good news is that can be as simple as using the right day cream. Below are some of our favorite glow-inducing day creams.

  1. SkinMedica Vitamin C And E Complex – This serum utilizes a time-release system to deliver active ingredients throughout the day. A vitamin C and E complex containing 15% active vitamin C will brighten, smooth, and provide antioxidant protection for a radiant complexion.
  2. Viderm Complete Care Normal Dry Skin – This cream contains green tea, coffee berry extract and vitamin C to protect your skin against free radical damage, as well as keep your skin cells healthy and encourage healthy cell regeneration. It also contains glycolic acid, azelaic acid and retinol to very gently exfoliate for soft, glowing skin.
  3. SkinMedica Rejuvenate Moisturizer – Even those of us blessed with great skin can sometimes do with a little help in that department. This moisturizer contains vitamin E and Vitamin C to protect against environmental damage, essential fatty acids to moisturize and plump, and botanical extracts to improve cellular function. This is a great cream to use if too many late nights are starting to show on your face.
  4. Lierac HYDRA CHRONO+ Tinted Golden – A tinted day cream with a lightweight, gel-crème finish, this cream contains Lierac’s Hydration Reprogramming Botanical Complex to boost the skin’s natural hydration system. It also contains light-reflecting pigments to instantly give you a gorgeous, glowing complexion while it protects your skin.
  5. Revitalizing Day Cream Dr. Hauschka – Keep your skin in check with a sheer, weightless day cream like this one. This cream has carrot root extract which is rich in vitamin A for soft and supple skin. It also contains witch hazel and calendula to soothe the skin and balance oil production.

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