The Best Sunscreen for Your Children

We tend to focus so much on taking care of your skin that we often forget how important it is to look after your favorite people, most importantly, your children. Studies have shown that most of a child’s sun exposure happens before the age of 18, which makes protecting your little ones even more imperative.

While keeping your child indoors and out of the sun is the best way to prevent overexposure, we know how hard it is to avoid the sun, especially when you live in a sunny region like the gulf. Luckily, there have been so many advances when it comes to products that will keep your children and their skin safe. Below are just a few of our favorite sun protection products, each formulated with non-irritating ingredients and both UVA and UVB protection to ensure your children are sun safe.

1. SVR 50+ Ultra Max Peau Photosensible – It’s always advisable to go for the highest SPF when it comes to children’s skin. This light, fluid sun protection cream is formulated to keep even the most photosensitive skin protected in intense sunlight.

2. Eucerin Kids Sun Lotion SPF 50+ – Perfect for use from the age of one, this sunscreen contains Glycyrrhetinic acid to protect DNA and support the skin’s own repair mechanisms. It also contains moisturizing glycerin and is free from colorants and perfumes.

3. Hamilton Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50 – Non-greasy, un-fragranced, and free from chemical absorbers, this sunscreen is perfect for children’s sensitive skin. It offers up to four hours of water-resistance, and contains moisturizing ingredients to prevent the skin from drying out.

4. Eucerin Kids Sun Spray SPF 50+ – Another great sunscreen from Eucerin, this one also contains glycyrrhetinic acid and glycerin. It is extra water-resistant and comes in a spray bottle, making application and reapplication even easier for a busy day in the sun.

5. Comfort Zone Sun Soul Face and Body SPF 50 – This sunscreen is specially formulated to shield your child’s skin from sun exposure. It contains aloe juice, which is rich in polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids to protect against the sun as well as other environmental factors like wind and salt.

-Rebecca Harrisson