Why Wrinkle-Free Skin Isn’t a Dream

Aging is a funny thing, isn’t it? While we have no issues getting older or gaining the life experience and confidence that comes along with it, we are in no hurry to gain some of the other things that come along with it; namely fine lines and wrinkles.

And while we have accepted that we are unfortunately not immune to aging, we also know that there are factors that can make things worse or even lead to premature aging (or that awful moment when you look at a photo and realize that you look about a decade older than all of your friends!). Things like smoking, sun exposure, stress, certain medications, and even your genes can cause or increase the severity of aging, specifically when it comes to wrinkles and fine lines.

But before you go hide yourself in your room and avoid having any kind of fun, we would like to let you know that it really is possible to fight wrinkles. First, you need to understand the enemy. As we age, our uppermost skin cells become thinner, and they lose some of their ability to hold in moisture, leading to dry skin. We also lose collagen and elastin as we get older, causing the skin to wrinkle and sag. And since our fat cells also become smaller and we lose a few epidermal cells, our skin just can’t repair itself the way it used to, and we end up with wrinkles and fine lines.

Now that you know what you’re fighting, it’s time to prepare for battle and choose the right weapons. Products with active ingredients that are proven wrinkle-busters are your best bet and thankfully, we have enough for an army here at Bashara Care.

Exuviance Vespera Bionic Serum – A slew of super effective anti-aging ingredients like AHAs, lactobionic acid, multiple antioxidants and even marine botanicals work together in this serum to smooth the skin and iron out wrinkles. And the results speak for themselves; a 212% improvement in skin clarity and wrinkles in just six weeks.

Dr. Dennis Gross Age Erase Recovery Mask – The Super-hydrating hyaluronic acid in this heat-release mask plumps up wrinkles from the inside, erasing fine lines and wrinkles. For an even bigger anti-aging boost, this two-step mask also contains Dr. Gross’ Mega 10 Plus, ten essential vitamins, antioxidants and proteins.

SkinMedica Age Defense Retinol Complex 0.5 – Retinol has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ingredients in the battle against wrinkles. This treatment makes the most of retinol’s anti-aging powers to make fine lines and wrinkles a distant memory. It also fades age spots, reduces acne scars and increases skin elasticity.

Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Eye & Lip Contour Cream – Unfortunately, your lips and eyes are the areas where fine lines and wrinkles tend to form first. Both areas can be a little difficult to treat, as they can both be a little sensitive. This eye and lip contour cream is specially formulated with natural ingredients Acrtiin and Apiaceae-Peptides. These ingredients work to increase the production of collagen, strengthen the skin and smooth out wrinkles. As a bonus, this cream also improves microcirculation for a brighter appearance.

Rebecca Harrisson