Our Favorite New Night Creams

We’ve previously covered night creams and why you need to include them in your skincare routine. There have been some pretty great new products to come out since then and we’ve been lucky enough to try them out (yes, we really do have the best jobs!), so we thought it would only be fair to share our new favorite night creams with you guys. After all, sharing is caring and great skin is definitely something that we can’t keep to ourselves.

Before we get started on the creams, let’s have a quick recap on why you need to have a night cream on your dresser.

1. They contain a higher level of active ingredients, some of which are best used at night. Most night creams are designed to regenerate and refine your skin. Many of them contain super-effective ingredients like retinols or AHAs, which can ever-so-slightly increase sun sensitivity, or ingredients that shouldn’t be exposed to the sun.

2. Night creams are designed to take advantage of your body’s resting and repairing phase, so they are usually a lot richer and heavier than day creams. While your skin most likely needs the extra boost and it’s always great to wake up to plumper, softer, more hydrated skin, you  probably don’t want to walk around with a heavy face cream during the day (hello, shiny forehead!)

Now that we’ve reminded you why to use a night cream, as promised, here are our some of our new favorites!

Lierac Lipofilling Night – Packed full of plumping botanical extracts and nourishing waxes, this night cream will penetrate the deepest layers of the skin; lifting, refining, and redefining.

Cellucur AHA Complex Cream – This night cream is perfect for thickened, mature or stressed-out skin. Its fruit acid complex gently loosens scaly, thick cells; stimulating cell activity and revealing softer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

Eucerin Even Brighter Night – Wave good bye to hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone with this night cream. It contains B-Resorcinol to decrease melanin production, and Glycyrrhetinic to repair sun damage, so you’ll wake up with bright and even skin.

Exuviance Age Reverse Night Lift – Thanks to a triple-action lifting formula of peptides, alpha hydroxy acids, and poly hydroxy acids, this night cream stimulates collagen production, strengthens skin structure, firms, and plumps. It will also smooth out wrinkles from the inside out.

Rebecca Harrisson