Plump it up!

‘What can I do to look younger’ is one of the questions we get asked the most. Unfortunately, no one is immune to the sands of time and getting older is inevitable. However, that doesn’t mean we can fight off the effects of time or even reverse the signs of aging.

One sign of aging that is often overlooked is sagging skin. As we get older, our bodies stop producing as much collagen and elastin. Both of these are responsible for keeping our skin tight, bouncy and resilient. With less collagen and elastin, the skin tends to loosen, cheekbones start to droop a little, and you may find that your eyes are less prominent than they used to be.

While many people focus on smoothing out wrinkles with treatments like botox, we believe that firming and plumping products are where it’s at when it comes to anti-aging. Plumping products not only restore your skin’s youthful bounce, but by firming and tightening the skin they can also minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, you get the added bonus of redefining your facial structure, get ready to say hello to your cheekbones!

If you’re new to the magical world of firming products, here are some of our favorite firming and plumping products and tips.

1. This product will give your face its natural volume. Eucerin Volume Filler Day works deeply on your skin to address the factors that cause skin sagging. It will also treat your wrinkles while providing a day long moisture.

2. A great plumping serum is always a good place to start. Lierac Exclusive Serum will restructure and redefine, thanks to pure hyaluronic acid, nature’s plumping agent. The hyaluronic acid will plump up your skin and fill in any wrinkles, while an added combination of peptides and licorice leaf extract will tighten and lift.

3. Don’t forget your neck! The skin on your neck is very thin and delicate. Use a firming cream on your neck to keep it from looking crepey. We like Reviderm Premium SkinDesign Neck & Decollete Contouring cream, a gel-cream that balances your skin’s moisture levels and improves elasticity to tighten and firm your neck and chest.

4. Unfortunately, as we age, our eyes are one of the first places to show the cruel effects of gravity. The good news is that plumping and firming products can make a big difference, lifting up your brows and giving your eyes definition. Thanks to a blend of vitamins and hyaluronic acid, SkinMedica TNS Night Eye Repair will protect, hydrate, repair and, most importantly, redefine your eye area.

5. Your face and neck aren’t the only areas that benefit from plumping products. Sadly, gravity and time can also affect your body.  Murad Firm and Tone Serum will tighten, hydrate, improve elasticity, and smooth out any lumps and bumps. Get ready to grab those shorts!

Rebecca Harrisson