How to Keep Your Cool during the Holidays

For many of us, the holidays may seem like a blur. Relatives fly in (or perhaps you fly to them), and the entire month seems like a giant blur of heading to the airport, acting as a tour guide, cooking meals, and hosting social gatherings. Yeah, it’s pretty easy to feel a little lost and overwhelmed during the holiday season, not to mention exhausted thanks to all of the very late, but very fun nights.

Periods of stress do take their toll on your body, whether you are enjoying them or not. And do we really have to remind you what stress does to your skin? Stress can lead cause breakouts, dryness, rashes and even rosacea, with symptoms lasting long after all the festivities have ended. This is why it’s super important for you to make sure you take time for yourself. Not sure where to even start? We’ve put together a few of our favorite ways to relax, hopefully they’ll help you, too!

A bubble bath always calms us down. Even just ten or fifteen minutes in a warm bath is enough to soothe tired muscles, calm overworked minds and just melt away stress. We like using Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak to relax sore, stressed out muscles.

If time is of the essence, we like lighting a relaxing candle to calm us down while we get things done. Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle is infused with West Indian bay and myrrh essential oils for a quick, but powerful dose of relaxation.

There’s something so calming about massaging a luxurious body oil onto your skin. Try Alex Cosmetic Essential Body Oil, which is made from almond, jojoba and sunflower oil for glowing skin. We like using long, upwards strokes for maximum calming benefits.

Do you need to get away from chatty relatives? Slather on a face mask, pop a couple of cucumber slices on your eyes and take a few minutes to yourself. A healing mask like Phyto-C O-Live Mask will stimulate collagen production, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and lighten pigmentation. You’ll walk out of the room looking and feeling oodles better.

What are your favorite ways to relax during the holidays? Let us know!

–  Rebecca Harisson