Facial Massage 101

Could the secret to an A-list glow lie in a simple facial massage? A backstage favorite, facial massage has been revealed as the secret to the plump, glowing complexions sported by supermodels and celebrities, and now you can reap the benefits, too.

If you’ve ever been to a spa for a facial treatment, you are probably familiar with that ‘post-facial glow’.  Much of that glow can be attributed to the massage. Luckily, you can easily duplicate that glow right at home, in just a few minutes, by giving yourself a relaxing facial massage.

Facial massages have a multitude of benefits; let’s list some, shall we?

1. They stimulate circulation. By stimulating circulation with massage, you are also sending vital nutrients, oxygen and blood flow to the surface of your skin, resulting in a youthful, glowing complexion.

2. They help drain lymph. Have you been eating too much salt, having too many late nights, or not drinking enough water? If any of these is contributing to puffiness around your eyes or anywhere on your face, massage can help get rid of it! By encouraging lymphatic drainage, massage helps reduce any puffiness. It also detoxifies to add vibrancy to a dull complexion.

3. They’re anti-ageing. Massage relaxes the muscles, which can help soften any expression lines or fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, by bringing more oxygen to your skin, you are also encouraging collagen production, leading to plumper, younger looking skin.

4. They feel so good. Did you know that it’s possible to hold stress in your face? Think about it, you probably clench your jaw or furrow your brow when you’re stressed out. Massage is a great way to get rid of any tension you’ve been holding, making it a great pre-bedtime treat.

Even if you’re a wash-and-go kinda gal, we’re sure you can agree that these benefits are worth the extra few minutes! Are you ready to try a massage yourself? It’s important to use some sort of product when you’re massaging your skin, to avoid dragging it and encouraging wrinkles and sagginess. Here are some of our favorite products for facial massage and how we use them.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm – Cleansing balms and massage go hand in hand. The balm’s rich texture allows you to easily massage your skin, and by massaging your skin, you are working the balm deep into your pores, allowing it to deep cleanse, soften and tone.

AR457 Intense Argan Oil [pur] – If you prefer a more traditional oil, try this 98.5% pure, organic argan oil. Just a few drops will rejuvenate, firm and smooth. We recommend using this oil on its own, after cleansing your skin. Massage this in before bed to wake up to softer, smoother, tighter skin.

Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil – If acne is a concern, try using a clarifying oil with your massage. You can use this after washing and toning to regulate oil and reduce pore size. Regular use of this oil will also help clear up hyperpigmentation.

–  Rebecca Harisson