How to Treat Scars

Almost everyone has scars. Thanks to genetics, some of us are just a little more prone to scarring, and if you are also as ungraceful as we are, you probably have more than your fair share of them. We like to lovingly refer to scars as ‘battle wounds’, but that doesn’t mean we like having them! We’re pretty sure you don’t love them either, so we put together a handy little guide to treating scars.

When it comes to treating scars, it helps to know how and why they form in the first place. After the initial trauma (anything from a scrape, to a cut or even acne), the skin heals in stages; you have the initial swelling and redness, then a scab starts to form. Scabs are a protective layer that your body forms overs the healing tissue underneath. No matter how tempting, you must never pick at a scab, as picking it can expose the tissues before they are ready, leading to an even worse scar. When the new skin is ready, the scab will naturally fall off and you will be left with new skin and possibly a new scar. A scar is the tissue that replaces your old skin after it has been injured.

Now that you know a little bit more about scars, let’s talk treatments. While you can’t get completely get rid of a scar, the right products can greatly improve its appearance. Here are some of our favorite products for scars; each of these will minimize the appearance of the scars, so you will be the only one who knows they are even there.

SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline – Softening and smoothing, this gel formula can be used daily and contains Centella Asiatica, an Asian herb that is famed for its ability to repair skin tissue and minimize scarring. 

Derma e Scar Gel – This gel contains allantoin and panthenol to break down scar tissue and encourage new, healthy cells to grow. It also contains onion bulb extract (which you can’t smell, we promise!), to reduce inflammation and help flatten raised scars.

SVR Lysalpha Cicapeel Gel – Scars are even more traumatizing when they are on the face. The good news is most post-acne scars do eventually disappear. Give them a hand with this gel. It contains gluconolactone, an AHA, to exfoliate and bring flawless skin to the surface. It also contains zinc to minimize pores and prevent marks from reappearing. 

Bioderma Cicabio Cream – If you want to banish a scar before it even happens, this cream will repair your skin to minimize scarring from the get-go. It contains resveratrol and copper to increase skin regeneration and protect healing tissue. It also contains Bioderma’s very own Cicabio Crème Antalgicine Complex to prevent itching so you don’t scratch!

JanMarini Skin Zyme – Another one that’s perfect for the face, this mask is contains an exfoliant is made from papaya enzymes to gently remove dead skin cells. It also contains resurfacing agents to encourage fresh cells to come up quicker, rapidly reducing post-acne scarring and even hyperpigmentation.

–  Rebecca Harisson