Lip Plumpers – Our Shortlist

Full, plump lips have always been a desired trait amongst women. For centuries, full lips have been considered a sign of fertility and youthfulness. And to be honest, there’s just something so feminine about a perfect, Angelina Jolie-esque pout, it’s the perfect accessory to any look. Even the runways were full of kissable puckers and sexy, full lips, alongside the latest fashion.

Celebrities have long held the secrets to perfect, plump kissers, thanks to access to the world’s best makeup artists and cosmetic surgeons. But now it’s your turn. Are you ready to supersize your pucker and finally have that gorgeous, full pout? Of course you are! Check out our favorite lip-plumping, pout-perfecting products below.

Bliss Fabulips Treatment Kit – We love our weekly facials and hair treatments, but how often do we give our lips a little TLC, apart from the occasional swipe of lip balm? Your lips deserve to be looked after, and this kit will make sure they feel love. A foaming lip cleanser will gently cleanse, while a sugar scrub exfoliates to make them soft and increase circulation for the perfect pucker. Follow up with an instant lip plumper for magnificently large lips and some must-have softening lip balm.

Reviderm Lip Perfection Plumper – Since we’re on the subject of lips, did you know that the skin around your lips is one of the first places to show signs of aging? Repetitive motion from things like drinking from straws, whistling, pouting (put away that duck face, ladies!) and smoking can cause unsightly little wrinkles to form around your lips. This lip plumper works double-duty to smooth out wrinkles along your lip line, while it increases moisture and plumps your lips, for a younger looking smile.

Lierac Coherence Levres – Collagen is the most popular injectable lip plumper, but the truth is that we are still very afraid of having needles anywhere near our faces. This lip cream uses a high concentration of collagen to increase lip volume by 17.6%, no needles necessary. It also hydrates and redefines your lip line, so no more worrying about ‘disappearing lipstick’!

SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump System  – A super-sizing two-step treatment, this system contains a tissue repair stimulator to stimulate circulation for instantly fuller lips, and collagen for a plumper, more supple pout. The first step will soften and smooth your lip texture and the second will plump your lips and give them a natural, rosy color.

–  Rebecca Harisson