MakeUp Base

We definitely think that makeup is one of the most fun things about being a woman. Makeup can take us from the girl-next-door to the red-carpet-diva in a manner of minutes. While there is no right or wrong way to apply makeup, we believe that starting with the right base will give you the best results.

We know how difficult it can be to figure out where to start, so we have broken it down step-by-step for you. Read on for our guide to your perfect complexion:

Step 1. Primer.

As the name suggests, the primer preps your skin for makeup; smoothing out pores and wrinkles, blurring out blemishes and making sure anything applied on top of it will stay put.

How to apply: Apply your primer after your skincare products, but before your makeup. You can use your fingers or a brush, but if you use your fingers make sure you dab it on, don’t drag or pull your skin.

BasharaCare recommends: JanMarini Age Intervention Primer.This primer’s lightweight texture instantly softens and prepares the skin for makeup, while the anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients promote younger, tighter, smoother skin.

Step 2. Foundation.

Our first experiences with foundation resulted in slightly orange faces as teens. We quickly learned from our mistakes and now know that foundation isn’t just paint for your face. When used the correct way, foundation will cover any imperfections and give you a beautiful, flawless base.

How to apply: The key to foundation is to remember ‘less is more’. Start by applying a little bit at the center of your face and buff outwards towards your hair line and neck.  Reapply where necessary, making sure to blend out any visible edges for a picture-perfect, airbrushed appearance.

BasharaCare recommends: Exuviance Skin Caring Foundation SPF 15. This foundation doesn’t just fake great skin. It contains antioxidants, sunscreen and polyhydroxy acids to reveal visibly younger looking skin. And it’s available in seven shades, so there is one for everyone.

Step 3. Concealer.

Concealer is thicker than foundation and instead of being applied all over the face, it is spot applied to specific areas that need a little more coverage. Concealer is great for brightening up small areas on the face, such as under the eyes or around the mouth. A great concealer will also cover up any blemishes or dark spots.

How to Apply: We recommend applying concealer after your foundation to avoid accidentally rubbing it off. Dot your concealer on any blemishes and blend with a fluffy brush to avoid harsh lines.

BasharaCare recommends: Murad Acne Treatment Concealer – Medium. This concealer not only covers blemishes, it contains salicylic acid to actually treat them, as well as vitamin A to regulate oil production.

Step 4. Powder.

The final step is powder. Don’t think of this as the matte, lifeless looking powders of the past; today’s powders are much sheerer and will make your skin glow. Powders are a great way to lock your makeup down and keep shine at bay – a must for our hot climate.

How to apply: For the lightest, most natural finish, apply your powder with a big, fluffy brush, gently brushing on to your T-zone (nose, forehead and chin).

BasharaCare recommends: Dr. Hauschka Translucent Face Compact Powder. This pressed powder is made from minerals and silk powder to absorb oil during the day. It also contains rose petal extracts and other plant oils to soothe your skin.

–  Rebecca Harisson