SkinCare 101

Here at Bashara Care, we believe that investing in your skin is incredibly important, and using the right products will ensure your skin stays as youthful as possible. However, we know how hard it can be when it comes to knowing where to start. There are thousands of products out there, and it can get overwhelming. So, we’ve decided to break it all down for you, and because we really, really love you guys, we’ve also included some of our secret weapons.

1. Cleansing – A great cleanser is the basis for any good skincare routine, especially in the gulf, where our skin is exposed to so many harmful environmental factors. Cleansing your skin twice a day will remove makeup, grime, and pollution, and prepare your skin for the rest of your products.

Secret weapon: ElemisTri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash. This deliciously scented, pH-balanced cleanser will instantly deep cleanse and refresh your skin. It contains Brazilian Babussu Oil to keep your skin moisturized, and works for all skin types.

2. Exfoliating – The sad news is that your skin’s natural exfoliation process begins to slow down as you get older. Exfoliating your skin can help this, as it gently sloughs off dulling and ageing dead skin cells, making way for fresher, younger-looking skin. Exfoliants are amazing, but try to stick to the instructions and avoid using them more than 2-3 times a week.

Secret weapon:  JanMarini Marini Instant Refining Exfoliator. This clinical-strength exfoliator contains special dissolving beads and glycolic acid to instantly reveal a smooth, glowing complexion. It also contains Aloe Vera to soothe and hydrate.

3. Toning – There is a lot of conflicting views on toners. Lots of people think that they are an unnecessary step. We believe that toners are a wonderful and easy way to infuse your skin with vital nutrients and benefits after cleansing.

Secret weapon: Dr. Organic Rose Otto Skin Toner. There are tons of toners out there, each with varying benefits. We personally love a great, all-in-one toner, like this. Pure, organic rose otto oil is combined with rose water, witch hazel and aloe vera for a?

4. Moisturizing – Moisturizing is another quick step with a multitude of benefits. Your skin needs to stay hydrated in order to function and look its best. Drinking water helps, but adding a topical boost of hydration is the quickest and most efficient way to keep your skin plump, supple and soft.

Secret weapon: Derma e Vitalizing Moisturizer SPF 15 with Tamanu and Pomegranate. This lotion not only hydrates, it also offers some serious free-radical defense, thanks to ingredients like green tea, and vitamins C and E. It’s also super lightweight and will protect your skin from the sun, making it ideal for wearing under makeup, during the day.

5. Serums – If aging skin is a concern, you can’t miss with a serum. Serums are packed to the brim with concentrated, targeted ingredients that will give your skin an instant boost .

Secret weapon: SkinMedica TNS Essential. Suitable for all skin types, this dual-action serum contains two active formulas that work together to repair damage, reduce inflammation, smooth fine lines and tighten.

6. Masks – Not just a relaxing treat, face masks are a vital part of an effective skin routine. Depending on your needs, face masks deep cleanse, exfoliate, brighten, hydrate, soothe and stimulate circulation all in one. And let’s be honest, they are super relaxing. We recommend using a mask once or twice a week, and don’t forget your neck and chest!

Secret weapon: Lierac Radiance Mask. This mask is orange thanks to brightening blood orange and poppy extracts. It also contains shea butter to give tired skin a much-needed moisture boost. We love this before a big night out, but it is also a fabulous addition to your weekly skincare routine.

7. Day Creams and Night Creams. If you want to amp up your routine even more, try adding in day cream or night cream. Day creams offer targeted treatments and superior environmental protection, while night creams are a great way to treat skin concerns while you sleep.

Rebecca Harisson