Night creams – an Overnight Treatment

Night creams might just seem like a way for beauty companies to get you to spend more money, but they actually do have some serious skincare benefits. You may already be aware of how many aggressors your skin faces on a daily basis. Things like sun exposure, pollution and free radicals can really stress out and damage your skin. Think of night creams as an overnight treatment for your skin that will give a new meaning to the term ‘beauty sleep’. Read on for a few really good reasons why you should make night cream a part of your daily routine.

  • They contain a higher level of active ingredients. Night creams are designed with active ingredients that penetrate deep inside the skin to treat it from the inside out, and help to increase cell turnover and minimize the signs of aging.
  • Some ingredients are better at night. Ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and AHAs provide significant anti-aging benefits, but can make your skin a little sensitive to the sun. Using them at night will keep your skin safe (but you should still use sunscreen during the day!)
  • Night creams contain ingredients that work to repair and regenerate your skin while your body rests. While day creams are designed to support and protect your skin when it needs it the most, night creams work when your skin switches into rest and repair mode.
  • Night creams contain a higher level of emollients and are usually more moisturizing than their daytime counterparts. Their heavier texture might be a little too much for running around during the day, but perfect for bedtime.

BasharaCare recommends the following products for your night pampering:

Derma e Vitalizing Night Cream with Tamanu and Pomegranate – Balance out combination to oily skin with this light night cream. Pomegranate and green tea refine, safflower seed oil lightly hydrates, and papaya extract gently exfoliates, so you wake up to beautiful, younger looking skin with practically no effort at all.

Lierac Exclusive Night – This super luxurious cream uses hyaluronic acid to plump up even the deepest wrinkles, while its special B-Relaxor Complex will help visibly relax expression lines. It’s like Botox, minus the needles!

Jan Marini Recover-E – Make dull, tired skin a thing of the past with this night cream that will restore, repair and hydrate stressed out skin. Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Beta Carotene provide intense antioxidant protection, while a bioflavonoid increases capillary strength and oxygen flow to refresh, hydrate and strengthen your skin.

–  Rebecca Harisson