Dark Circles – Causes and Cures

Are you tired of looking tired? Affecting both men and women, persistent dark circles are a common problem. Luckily, there are a number of options available to those who want to say goodbye to those panda eyes. With a little more effort and work, you can make those dreary circles disappear for good.

Somehow, no matter how much sleep you get, you always look like you’ve pulled three all-nighters in a row. That’s because fatigue isn’t the only culprit behind dark circles under the eyes. Other factors that contribute to dark circles are stress and age. As you get older, the skin gets thinner, making dark circles more visible.

Before you even think about treatment options, you need to investigate what might be responsible for the discoloration as it can be stemmed from multiple causes. Read on to discover some key reasons and their cures:

Puffiness – Those under eye bags cast shadows that make you look exhausted. Cutting out on your salt and alcohol intake will help you avoid water retention and swelling. Propping up your head with an extra pillow will drain the fluid that can accumulate around the eyes when you’re lying down.

Hyperpigmentation – To identify if excess pigment is the culprit behind your dark circles, you will need to press on the discoloration. If the darkness remains, your dark circles are caused by hereditary pigmentation or sun exposure (or both).

Inheritance – Did your mother or father also have raccoon eyes? Chances are you’ve inherited the condition. Sun exposure, which stimulates melanin production, can also trigger hyperpigmentation. The most effective solution will be to apply sunscreen right up to your lower lashline everyday (make sure to choose a non-irritating sunscreen and to not let it get into your eyes). Our experts also recommend investing in large sunglasses for further protection. And lastly, avoid rubbing your eyes because friction causes darkening of the skin in the delicate under eye area.

Blood Vessels – You can be certain of blood vessels showing through your skin when the darkness lessens as you press on the dark under eye area. Skin on the eye area is thinner and more delicate than other facial skin and does not contain oil glands which can help keep this skin moist. This is one of the major reasons why experts recommend using a separate eye cream.

Eye creams fight dark circles by temporarily puffing up skin so the blood vessels underneath aren’t as prevalent. If you have oily skin, you may want to consider using an eye gel as it doesn’t contain the same moisturizers, which could increase the oil production in your skin.

Tips for Prevention

  • Apply a moisturizer to the eye area every night.
  • To calm puffy eyes, put a cold spoon, slices of cucumbers, chilled tea bags, or even a package of frozen peas under your eyes.
  • If you suffer from seasonal allergies and hay fever, take an over-the-counter antihistamine. This can reduce puffiness and keep itchiness at bay so you won’t be tempted to rub your eyes.
  • Vitamin deficiencies can exacerbate dark circles. So cover your bases by taking a daily multivitamin and eat plenty of iron-rich foods, such as beans, red meat and dark leafy greens.

And for further treatment, the following products are recommended:

NeoStrata Bionic Eye Cream – This multifunctional cream targets dark circles and reduces other visible signs of aging such as puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. It is suitable for all skin types and contains Vitamin K, which helps strengthen leaky capillaries that contribute to the look of dark under eye circles.

Dr. Dennis Gross Lift and Lighten Eye Cream – Advanced Technology – Treats both the causes and symptoms of dark circles. Pearl powder provides an instant lightening effect for immediately brighter eyes, and tightens and lifts skin for younger looking eyes.

Exuviance Cover blend Multi-Function Concealer SPF 15 Beige – A creamy formula, suitable for all skin types that is packed with hydrating ingredients that include vitamins and antioxidants.


Injeel Firoz

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