Our Top 5 Summer Serums

Could the secret to great summer skin lie in a tiny little bottle? Serums are a fantastic summer skincare staple, they are quickly absorbed and much lighter on the skin, and because you only need to use a tiny amount, they often work out to be more economical. They also often contain a higher concentration of targeted ingredients, so you get even more benefits in less time.

Since high summer temperatures in the UAE mean that wearing lots of makeup is a no-go, it’s important to keep your skin in tip-top condition. Serums are the perfect option as they will improve your skin without being too heavy or sticky. To prove that there’s a serum for every summer skin concern, here’s our list.

Hyperpigmentation – Even out your skin tone and clear up dark spots with a lightening serum like Neostrata Enlighten Illuminating Serum. This serum contains twelve active brightening ingredients (including patented NeoGlucosamine, mallow extract, and yarrow extract) that fade existing dark marks and prevent new ones from forming.

Acne and Large Pores – Sweaty, sticky summer weather can lead to breakouts, so use a skin-clearing serum like Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel. It contains retinol, glycolic acid and salicylic acid to bust breakouts, clarify the skin and increase cell turnover, leading to a soft, blemish-free complexion.

Sun Damage – Perfect for former beach-babes, Exuviance Vespera Bionic Serum has been shown to improve skin’s texture by 212% in just six weeks. It contains mandelic acid, phas-lactobionic acid, and gluconolactone to plump out fine lines and wrinkles, smooth rough skin and firm.

Sunburn – Uh-oh! Have you been spending a little too much time in the sun? Soothe that sunburn with Murad Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum; the cucumber extract in it will calm down any irritation and minimize redness. It also contains ivy extract, grape extract and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moisturized and supple preventing it from any further damage.

Cellulite – If cellulite is keeping you from rocking that bathing suit, try Lierac Body Slim. This serum has an intense body-contouring formula; it uses caffeine and elder extract to transform fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells, reduces cellulite, flushes out excess water and firms and tightens the skin. You’ll be slipping into those shorts in no time.

Are you ready for the summer now?


Aseya Atiq

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