Taking Care of Your Skin During Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us, bringing with it a wonderful sense of family and community. While Ramadan mornings can be quiet, the evenings are filled with family and friends reconnecting and a general sense of happiness and solidarity is in the air. Fasting is a big component of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world take part in this exercise of patience and faith and fast from sunrise to sunset, followed by copious amounts of traditional festive sweets and foods during the evening, it’s easy to see how your skin and body might get thrown a little of balance, so we’ve put together a guide to making sure your skin stays hydrated and calm during the holy month.

1. Stay balanced – Ramadan falls during the summer this year, and as tempting as it may be to use a harsh cleanser to burn through all the grime, you must try to control yourself. Instead, go for a gentle cleanser that will cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk contains soothing bentonite clay and toning anthyllis extracts without overdrying.

2. Stay hydrated – Make sure you get your full day’s worth of water before reaching for the soda. General guidelines are 8 glasses of water per day. So try to get that in between Iftar and Suhoor. Your whole body will thank you.

3. Use a spray – Try using a facial mist throughout the day, rather than reaching for some toner which can dry out skin or some moisturizer that might clog pores. A light spritz of a spray like Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hydra Pure Smart Spray will lightly hydrate, gently disinfect and also protect your skin from pollution. You can also gently blot your skin with a tissue afterwards to reduce shine and refresh your makeup.

4. Avoid too much salt – We know it’s hard, salt just makes everything taste so good! But it also dehydrates your skin and causes puffiness, especially around the eyes. But sometimes you just can’t help yourself, so if you do overdo the salt, use a de-puffing eye gel like Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Gel, which contains cucumber extracts to de-puff and refresh the eye area. Keep this in the fridge and pat it on when you need to hide that you spent last night eating too many salty foods and stayed up late chatting with relatives.

5. Put on a Mask – Use a hydrating mask to boost your skin’s moisture levels. Lierac Comfort Mask is made from pink clay and contains rose extracts to soothe and repair, shea butter to hydrate and apricot oil for suppleness. It gives all skin types a much-needed drink of moisture.

Ramadan Kareem, everyone!


Aseya Atiq

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