About the Brand: SVR

Founded in 1962, SVR Laboratories is a French industry of cosmetics and skincare products that has been for the past 40 years one of the leading laboratories in medical cosmetology and dermatology.

Prescribed by many dermatologists for skincare issues, SVR has developed a wide range of products that each combats a different skin problem, at affordable prices, making A Solution for Every Lifestyle their tagline. The skin issues treated by SVR are: Anti-aging, Hyperpigmentation, Dry skin, Combination to Oily, Redness, Sun care & Specific skincare, Perspiration, Baby and Hygiene.

Xerial 5 Crème Visage is an intense facial moisturiser for dry and flaky skin. It can also be used to treat dried skin caused from medications or dry environments. Based on an innovative kerato-regulating complex reinforced with glycerol, Xial 5 Cream for the Face restores the protective layer and seals in the moisture. Enriched with moisturising agents, soothing ingredients and replenishing lipids (Shea butter), the aqueous emulsion formula of Xial 5 Cream for the Face soothes feelings of tightness. The light and innovative texture comes with an anti-shine property which leaves the skin soft, fresh and silky.

SVR 50 Ecran Minéral Teinté Peau Intolérante is a high sun protection SPF 50, suitable for intolerant, dry to very dry skin. Recommended for intolerant skin to chemical filters, this photostable sunscreen protects the skin on a broad spectrum from UVA and UVB. The content in biflavonoid brings antioxidant properties that hydrate while protecting the skin. This sunscreen is lightly tinted making it perfect for light skins.

Spirial Spray is an anti-perspirant deodorant with 24-hours efficiency. In other words, this hypoallergenic spray is the perfect deodorant for the summer. Created to regulate normal to excessive underarm perspiration, this double action spray is also suitable for sensitive skin. Used daily, this treatment brings comfort and freshness for an immediate sensation of well-being.

Hydracuivre Bébé is to treat babies with minor injuries or mild irritations such as diaper rash. Its copper salts and zinc formula with anti-bacterial properties soothes the feelings of irritation and provides real ease of application. Rich in moisturizing ingredients, this protective cream cleanses and helps repair weakened skin through restoring its barrier function.

SVR‘s products are effective and uncompromising in their choice and concentration of ingredients and product formulations. For their affordable prices, SVR products deliver splendid results.


– Diary of a Beauty Banker

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