Our Guide to Shine – Free Skin

They say that having an oily skin is better than the other skin types because it won’t dry out or wrinkle as early as others. Be that as it may, there’s a difference between looking ‘dewy’ and looking like you could fry an egg on your forehead! Being a card-carrying member of the latter group, I’ve tried and tested quite a few mattifying methods over the years where some provided better results than others did. With temperatures rising and humidity veering into the unbearable side of things, here in the Middle East, I thought that now would be the perfect time to share with you some of the best tips I learned with time to keep the shine off your face and on your sparkling personality instead.

1. Choose the Right Cleanser – Get straight to the bottom of the shine from the very beginning. Choose a cleanser that will cut down on grease, without overdrying your skin (which can cause your skin to overproduce oil for it to compensate the dryness). Murad Clarifying Cleanser contains just enough salicylic acid to de-grease and deep cleanse your pores, without irritating your skin.

2. Use a Targeted Product – Use a heavy-duty mattifying product like Exuviance Matte Perfection, which contains mandelic acid derived from almonds that controls excessive oil production. This also contains poly hydroxy acids that will smooth your skin and clear up any pigmentation. It can be worn under your makeup as a primer or dabbed on top of it when the shine creeps up on you during the day.

3. Moisturize Wisely – Use a super light moisturizer that will hydrate your skin where needed without overloading it or clogging your pores. Try something like Neostrata Sheer Hydration SPF 15, which is light enough to withstand the UAE’s high temperatures. This cream contains NeoGlucosamine, a patented ingredient that helps you get rid of dark spots and wrinkles, with neem and burdock root that minimize oiliness.

4. Treat Your Skin – Once a week, use a clay-based mask like HelioNature Purifying Mask, which contains white clay that absorbs excessive oil, papaya acids that gently exfoliate the skin’s surface while tightening the pores, and lavender that cleanses and soothes. For the best results, apply the mask on dry skin after a shower where the heat will open up the pores and allow the mask to work its magic through.

5. Spot Treat Shine – Even with all of the above precautions, it’s possible for a teeny tiny bit of shine to pop through, especially in the heat. Get rid of any excess shine by using a natural, mineral powder like Dr. Hauschka Translucent Face Powder Compact. Its powder contains talc and silk that absorbs any excess oil giving you a flawless finish. We recommend buffing it on with a big, fluffy brush and then reapplying it whenever necessary for a gorgeous, matte, airbrushed finish.


Aseya Atiq

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