The Best New Body Sunscreens

As we discussed in our post on face sunscreen, sunscreen is not negotiable, especially here in the Middle East. Some rules of thumb to get you started:

Unless your body moisturizer has broad-spectrum protection of at least SPF 15 you’ll have to wear a separate sunscreen on top. Apply it often (every couple of hours), and reapply after sweating or swimming.

A shot glass – size amount (one ounce) should cover your whole body; a tablespoon will protect your face and neck.

Think of sunscreen as the most important tool in your summer skin arsenal. Here are three picks to win you over: 

Jan Marini Antioxidant Body Block SPF 30 – The Antioxidant Body Block is a broad-spectrum sunscreen incorporating the most advanced sun blocking substances with a waterproofing agent that ensures continuous coverage. This oil-free, matte finish formula conditions body skin and increases the skin’s moisture content with exceptional hydrating benefits.

Dr Dennis Gross Powerful Sun Protection SPF45 – Dedicated specially for the outdoor beauties and is the only sunscreen that contains an Iron-encapsulating Chelator. This Chelator removes Iron residue left on the skin by tap water and perspiration, which helps in skin cancer prevention and promotes healthy skin. This multi-functional product protects, prevents aging, moisturizes and promotes collagen growth.  The water resistant, oil-free formula quickly absorbs into the skin and dries clean and clear.

Murad Waterproof Sun Block SPF30 – A waterproof sunblock from Dr. Murad that offers thorough and serious protection against the sun. It’s not gooey or sloppy, but actually applies very nicely and quite smooth. It also has a fresh, herbal/citrus-y fragrance, thanks to the essential oils included like grapefruit, rosewood, geranium, lavender and thyme. It’s the perfect treat to apply before sitting by the beach to relax.


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