Face Time – Safe Sun Talk

We like safe sun talks more than tanning.

That is because we at BasharaCare cannot overstate the importance of wearing the sunscreen every day not only to prevent sunburn, but because it is your strongest weapon to stop premature aging.  This means sunscreen season is every season for us (especially true here in the Middle East), but we know many of you who don’t start thinking of putting on sunscreen until the weather heats up.  Aside from vanity, products that protect skin from the damaging rays of the sun are vital to prevent skin cancer developing. Like it or not, you need to be wearing some sort of sunscreen on your face.

So today we present our list of our favourite sunscreens for each need and price. You can also shop the full range here– we promise there is something for everyone!

Hamilton Sunscreen Everyday Face Moisturising CreamThis is a light, non-oily sunscreen formulated for the face and neck to provide SPF 30+ broad-spectrum protection.  We love that this sunscreen is a 3-in-1 product, a sunscreen, a moisturiser and a tinted moisturiser as well.

Lierac Extreme SPF 50 Cream –   An ideal partner for anyone busy with outdoor activity to remain fully protected. The non-greasy formula will prevent any dark spots from forming, and a little goes a long way.

Exuviance Multi-Protective Day Cream SPF 15This is the best sunscreen for dry and/or sensitive skin. This multi-tasking product works as a hydrator, sun protector, and an anti-aging face cream. Your bank account will thank us too! J

SkinMedica Daily Physical Defense SPF30+  – A dermatologist’s favourite, this ultra-sheer physical sunscreen provides broad spectrum defence against UVA/ UVB protection.  The creamy consistency works well compared to many other liquidity formulas and perfect to protect the face.

Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30if you have acne-prone skin then you can’t go wrong with Murad, who are experts on this skin type.  This non-greasy sun block is all you need to protect your skin without incurring a breakout.


Diary of a Beauty Banker

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