Taking Care of Your Pout

Just like the eyes, our lips also enhance the attractiveness of our face. Lips take a lot of abuse in today’s world, but they lack the protection that the rest of our skin enjoys. They have no oil or sweat glands, and they’re constantly exposed to irritants: the tip of the tongue, our food and drinks, environmental pollutants, the weather – the list goes on and on.

Obviously our lips are often overlooked and neglected in the beauty regimen and we are here to revamp your lip care lavishly and to tell you what works best. Check out our picks for the ultimate lip balms and other treatments:

Hydrate: To retaining the natural fullness and color of your lips, it is essential to maintain hydration levels by drinking plenty of water throughout the day to maintain the natural moisture of your lips, especially during winters when we often tend to drink less water, and dehydration can be pronounced. To build on the internal hydration we recommend Eve Lom Kiss Mix,  a thick and moisturising balm, which is a great product for anytime of the day and is designed especially to care for lips that are over exposed to the elements.

Protect: Exposure to the harsh sun rays of the Middle East can cause a darkening of the lips. Remember that UV rays have the same damaging effect on your lips as they do on the skin. Using lip products that contain SPF to protect your lips when you need to spend time outside during daytime is a must. We tried the Murad Energizing Pomegranate Lip Protector SPF 15 and it’s become our lips new best friend.

Primer: This is 3-in-1 Jan Marini C-ESTA Lips is a primer that combats the first signs of aging, sun exposure and dry climate. It leaves you with plumper, softer and more hydrated lips. Apply before your regular lipstick or lip gloss and see the difference.

Plump: For an instant boost of sex appeal you can’t beat a plumped lip. A good lip plumper can subtly add shape and volume to your lips without making you look like you got punched in the kisser. Nature might have gifted you with a thin pair of lips but fear not with SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump System– this is one of the best plumpers out there and leaves you with long-term benefits since it helps smooth fine lines and create an even texture on your lips. Plus, it keeps lips moisturized all day long.

Lines: Wrinkling around lips happens due to sun exposure, age or smoking. If you smoke, then quit- that’s the only real solution. But if the causes are either age or sun damage, then make sure that this area gets extra care with a cream containing anti-aging ingredients like retinol. We highly recommend Filorga Lip Structure which plumps up the lips while helping to smooth out the lines around your mouth.

Soft lips: Keep your lips in kissable condition with the Elemis Lip Revive ultra-creamy treatment, which will soften up any roughness and soothe dry pouts. It is a nourishing and repairing lip therapy for a super soft pout. You can enjoy silky, soft lips all day!


Diary of a Beauty Banker

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