Your Guide to Vitamin K and Your Skin

Do you suffer from dark circles? If so, you might be interested to know that Vitamin K can be a beauty life saver in this area. We’re here to tell you why Vitamin K should be an important part of your daily beauty/nutrition regimen and your overall skin health.

The most common use for Vitamin K, when applied topically, is to improve the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. But it is also often used in the cream form to reduce bruising after cosmetic surgery, spider veins, lighten discolorations, treat rosacea and function as the ultimate wrinkle prevention vitamin!

Ready to incorporate this powerhouse into your routine? Here are our products that contain Vitamin K:

 For under the eyes: 

Your eyes are mirrors of your health, so you want them to be as radiantly bright as possible. Dark circles appear under the eyes thanks to capillaries and veins visible through the skin’s surface. Vitamin K eye creams can help deliver a healthier, lighter, more natural and youthful look to your skin. We recommend using Dr. Dennis Gross Lift and Lighten Eye Cream – Advanced Technology. It is packed with antioxidants and Vitamin K, C & E to brighten and erase the dark circles that accompany many people daily, even after getting adequate sleep and rest. NeoStrata’s Bionic Eye Cream is also an excellent choice for a smooth, bright, under eye as it also battles puffiness and fine lines.

 For the rest of your face:

Vitamin K is also necessary for the formation of certain proteins that maintain healthy skin cells and it may be a factor in skin problems like elasticity. Wrinkles are something we can’t avoid, but before you purchase another expensive skin care product make sure it contains Vitamin K as in order to activate the protein in your skin.  ATHENALAB Ultra Active Anti Wrinkles Night Cream  is worth banking on when it comes to wrinkle prevention as it helps protect skin by keeping it healthier and preserving elasticity for a youthful look.

You should also consider adding foods to your diet to enhance your inner beauty and bring it to the surface. The best sources of Vitamin K include beef liver, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, green peas, leafy green vegetables, romaine lettuce, and spinach.  Additional sources that contain smaller amounts of this important vitamin include canola, olive, and soybean oils as well as certain dairy products and egg yolks.


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