Taming Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is no joke, and most of us battle it on a daily battle here in the Middle East, especially now that the weather is heating up and summer is on the horizon. Why do we suffer like this? Frizzy hair is generally the result of broken hair strands and split ends, which can be due to any number of factors such as the infamous humidity here, dehydration (by cold weather, air conditioning, central heating) or styling damage.

What you need to know is that hydration is the key to keep the frizz under control. Time to indulge your inner beauty addict- finding the right product is the key to frizzy hair salvation!

Hair OilThe right oil is perfect for keeping the frizz in place while adding that much needed hydration back. Philip B Rejuvenating Oil is boot camp for frizzy hair.  Double down by adding a drop or two (keep it light though- too much oil will cause your hair to look greasy) of Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil and you can say farewell to the frizz.

Hair Mask – A weekly moisturizing mask can be exceptionally beneficial, as it will deep conditions the damaged hair to restore health and minimize frizz. Using Braziliss Express Luminosity Keratin Hair Mask and Sachajuan Hair Repair will bring your hair back to life in a jiffy.

ConditionersDaily conditioners can also be miraculous to help smooth and salvage the damaged hair.  Philip B White Truffle Nourishing Conditioning Crème is packed with amino acids & essentials oils to restore the moisture and provide protection from drying out the hair while blow drying.

Styling productIf you have to style (be it straightening / flat ironing) the unruly hair it is worth using a protective styling product like Sachajuan Straight Out Gel.  It is lightweight, protects the hair from heat styling, adds shine and most importantly reduces the frizz.

Diary of A Beauty Banker

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