Meet the Brand: ar457

There’s a reason that argan oil is so popular at the moment. A natural oil extracted from Argan trees in Morocco, argan oil is a basically a wonder oil that can hydrate, soften, smooth and add shine, making it the IT ingredient in hair and body care products. But did you know that argan oil also helps with anti-aging and it can heal and regenerate the skin? Argan oil has unique properties that allow it to adapt to the skin, delivering the right benefits exactly where needed.

French skincare brand ar457 has been way ahead of the trend, they began utilizing argan oil back in 2003. In fact, even their name is a tribute to this magical oil. The name specifies the main components of each of their products; ‘ar’ for argan, ‘4’ for tocopherals; which are natural antioxidants, ‘5’ for phytosterols; which regenerate cells and ‘7’ for the biomolecules that heal, protect and disinfect. As the pioneers of using argan oil in mainstream skincare products, ar457 have discovered the best way to use argan oil for maximum benefits. Their luxury approach to argan oil has won over bloggers, beauty editors and celebrities around the world (Kylie Minogue is a big fan!) and their products can be found in some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and spas.

If you’d like to have the trendiest bathroom on the block, here are four ar457 products that you must try.

1. Metaserum Elixir – This anti-aging serum is definitely the star of the ar457 range. It’s a fast-acting serum that will instantly rehydrate, repair environmental damage and give the skin a non-surgical facelift. But the real magic is that it actually encourages the skin to start renewing itself, leading to healthier younger skin. Don’t tell anyone, but British actor Colin Firth is a big fan of this one. If it’s good enough for Mr. Darcy, it’s good enough for us!

2. Renewing Argan Scrub – Another product that just proves ar457 are the argan leaders for a reason, this scrub comes in a liquid formula and uses micro-pulverized argan nuts to remove dead, dull skin cells and impurities, while at the same time allowing the skin to absorb regenerating argan oil, hydrating aloe vera, refining tapioca and anti-aging meristem oak root extract. Use it on dry skin for extra exfoliating action, or on wet skin for a softer scrub on sensitive skin.

3. Skin Cleanser – If your skincare routine leaves you feeling exhausted, try this all-in-one cleanser that will remove the most stubborn makeup. It comes in an oil base and features argan oil and alpha bisabolol for soothing, and softening. What makes this cleanser different is that it can be left on the skin to keep wrinkles at bay and leave your skin glowing.

4. Intense Argan Oil – A true multi-tasker, this bottle is filled with 98.5% pure argan oil. Apply a tiny amount anywhere you can think of; it can be used as a hair treatment, on dry skin, or even on any wrinkles or rough patches that you might come across. Thanks to its light but nourishing consistency, it makes a great massage oil. Warm it up a little for a relaxing spa-like experience.

Aseya Atiq

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