Beat Aging with the Exuviance Age Reverse Line

The super sad truth about aging is that it happens to everyone. Thanks to things like genetics and good habits, some people age better than others, but don’t worry if you don’t happen to fall into that category. Our theory here at BasharaCare is that it’s never too late to start a good skincare routine, and the best ones can even help compensate for years of sitting out in the sun or anything else that may be prematurely aging your skin. The first thing to do is invest in skincare products containing active ingredients that have been proven to make a difference.

Exuviance products are produced by skincare giant, Neostrata, whose founders are famed for discovering the link between alpha hydroxy acids and great skin, so you know you’re going to get results. All of the products in the Exuviance Age Reverse line contain peptides, poly hydroxy acids, retinol and antioxidants. But the real treasure comes in the form of patented NeoGlucosamine, a non-acid amino sugar that gently exfoliates the skin to improve skin cell turnover, clear up hyperpigmentation, brighten the skin and not only smooth out wrinkles, but also plump them up from the inside out.

If any of that sounds interesting, here are three products from the Exuviance Age Reverse range that you need to get your hands on right now.

1. Exuviance Age Reverse Bio-Activ Wash – Make sure you get the maximum benefit out of your routine by using a cleanser that will prepare your skin for the products. This cleanser is soap-free and contains a small amount of poly hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate and get the anti-aging process started. It also contains rose, chamomile and cucumber to soothe the skin and keep irritation to a minimum.

2. Exuviance Age Reverse Night Lift – This product encourages new collagen production and prevents collagen from breaking down in the first place, resulting in firmer, smoother, tighter skin. It also contains a triple-action complex of peptides, alpha hydroxy acids and poly hydroxy acids to support the skin structures and help you sleep your way to younger skin.

3. Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Contour – Right, we all know how the skin around the eyes is thinner and therefore more susceptible to aging. But with this eye treatment, you can see a difference in sagging, drooping and crow’s feet in just four weeks, thanks to ingredients like puffiness-busting caffeine, soothing chamomile, refreshing ginseng and hydrating hyaluronic acid. As an added bonus, dark circles will also disappear, hurrah!


Aseya Atiq

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