Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, if you haven’t found a gift, it’s officially time to panic. We totally get it. It’s so hard to find a gift for your mom. How do you thank the woman who gave you life, raised you and still offers you unconditional love and support, to this day? We’re not exactly sure, but we have managed to find a few gifts that are sure at least put a smile on your mom’s face. Who knows, they may even kind of make up for the crazy headaches you gave her in your teens…at least a little.

1. Give your mom the gift of youth with this gorgeous Pro-Collagen Jewels set from Elemis. She will receive six products from their award-winning Pro-Collagen range, each with amazing anti-aging ingredients like royal jelly extract, avocado oil and Moringa oil. Your mom will look ten years younger within days.

2. All moms could use a little more relaxation, and this Philip B Chocolate Milk Body Wash & Bubble Bath not only smells good enough to eat, it will transform her bathroom into a spa-like oasis.  Plus, it contains cocoa butter, oat protein, aloe and wheat amino acids for super soft skin.

3. If your mother loves a bit of luxury, indulge her with the scent of the moment- rose, with Aromatherapy Associates’ Rose Body Set. The duo includes both a body cream and a body oil to leave her skin hydrated and fragrant.

4. Moms are the world’s best multi-taskers, so it makes sense that they would appreciate a product that does more than one thing. The Wellbox is an at-home device that works on everything from cellulite to wrinkles and can be used on the face and body. It uses a gentle massaging motion to improve circulation and provide amazing results. As an added bonus, it can also release muscle tension, so it’s like having a live-in massage therapist.

5. Many women experience thinning hair as they get older. Whether it’s due to hormones, age or genetics, it can be incredibly frustrating. Cresina Regrowth Treatment 500 for Woman is a patented hairloss treatment that works on the actual hair bulbs, encouraging new cells to grow, and thickening any thin patches. It will restore your mom’s hair back to its luscious glory.

Aseya Atiq

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