Time to Update Your Sunscreen- Our Top 5 Picks

If the idea of protecting your skin from the sun makes you think of the gooey, sticky, heavy sunscreen that your mom used to make you wear as a kid, it’s time to change your outlook. Today’s technology means that sunscreens are much lighter and offer even better protection than they used to. With a plethora of sunscreens for your face, hair and body, there’s one out there for everyone. Don’t believe us? Read through for our new favorite sunscreens and take your pick.

1- Lierac Sunific Extreme SPF 50 Fluid – As the weather warms up and the skies get brighter, it is even more important to invest in some heavy-duty sun protection. This super light formula contains a complex of frangipani flower and vitamin E to protect your skin’s DNA. It also contains a mix of jasmine oil, aloe vera and plant glycerin to moisturize and hydrate. But don’t fret about breaking out from it; this sunscreen is free from parabens and silicones.

2- Hamilton UltraBlock SPF 70 – This cream is a must-have for your beach bag. The company that makes it is from Australia and has been protecting skin from the sun for over 80 years, so they definitely know their stuff. This sunscreen is non-greasy and can be used on the whole family. It is water resistant for up to four hours and comes in a non-sticky formula, so you don’t have to worry about walking around covered in sand.

3- Neostrata Skin Active Matrix Support SPF20 – Think of this cream as your all-in-one superhero. It not only moisturizes plumps and firms, it also contains antioxidants to minimize environmental damage and retinol to stimulate fresh cell production. All that and it reduces hyperpigmentation and provides a hefty amount of sun protection.

4- SACHAJUAN SPF Conditioner SPF Conditioner – The sun not only dries out hair, it can also strip it of its color. Keep your color fresh and your hair soft with this SPF conditioner. It contains UV filters to protect your hair as well as SACHAJUAN’s famous Ocean Silk Technology to hydrate and condition the hair, while treating damage that may already be there.

5- Murad Pomphenol Sunguard Dietary Supplements 60 Tablets – If you spend a lot of time outdoors, or you are naturally sensitive to the sun, these supplements are designed to enhance your body’s natural sun protection. Pomegranate extract works to provide intense antioxidant protection, as well as improve your body’s ability to shield itself from the sun. While this is no substitute for sunscreen, it is a fantastic supplement for those who need extra protection.


Aseya Atiq

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