Our Favorite Eye Makeup Removers

You know the rule; never, ever, ever go to bed with your makeup on. It’s pretty terrible for your skin, not to mention your sheets and pillowcase. We know that when it comes to eye makeup removers, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For example, some women need removers that remove waterproof makeup, while others require a gentle cleanser that won’t irritate their skin. But we all need eye makeup removers that work. So the BasharaCare team rounded up our top three favorite products for all of your specific eye-makeup-removing needs.

The Best Remover for Sensitive Eyes and Delicate Skin: Gentle and beautifully scented, Lierac Demaquillant Confort is a super creamy cleanser that is perfect for gently removing makeup without irritating your skin. Honey and probiotics are used to keep the skin strong and protected, while sweet almond and cottonseed provide a double-dose of moisture. Add that to vitamin E for antioxidants and beautifully scented rose and cherry flower extracts for extra nourishment, and you’ve got an effective makeup remover that will actually treat your skin at the same time.

A Safe Formula for Contact Lens Wearers: Contact lens wearers know how hard it is to find a makeup remover that won’t get into their eyes and mess up their contacts. If you’ve ever had that problem, Bliss Lid+Lash Makeup Remover is going to be your new best friend. It comes in an oil-free, gel formula so it won’t wander into your contacts and it comes in a non-irritating formula that is especially helpful for those of us who need a little extra help with our sight. Chamomile water is thrown into the mix for additional soothing and also to reduce puffiness.

A Heavy-Duty Mix for the Smokiest Eyes: If smoky eyes, liquid liner or waterproof mascara are your beauty essentials, the Elemis White Flowers Bi-Phase Eye Make Up Remover is something you will definitely want on your bathroom sink. This remover comes in a two phase formula made up of a cleansing oil and hydrating water. Shake up the two to combine them for some super makeup-removing action that will remove the most waterproof makeup in just a couple of swipes. The White Flower mix contains White Water Lily to tone and refresh, White Peony to hydrate and soothe and White Tea to protect. Marine spring water provides essential minerals to condition the skin and lashes for an extra boost.

Aseya Atiq

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