Teenage Skin 101

Exams, hormones, growth spurts, college applications…it ain’t easy being a teen. Today’s teens are under constant pressure, whether from school, parents, or even their peers. Combine that stress with extra teenage hormones and you are likely to end up with slightly greasy skin that is prone to breakouts. It is often thought that teenage skin needs harsh treatment, which isn’t the case at all. To prove that it’s possible to handle teenage skin without resorting to super strong products, here are our top five products to treat and balance out teenage skin.

1. Neostrata Facial Cleanser – Many products that are geared towards teenage skin can be overly harsh and drying. Keep your skin clean without dehydrating it by using this soap-free, gently exfoliating cleanser. It will get rid of the day’s grime and soften your skin.

2. Lexli Aloe-Based Acne Clarifying Lotion – This acne fighter is as gentle as it is effective. It combines anti-acne ingredients like sulfur and salicylic acid with soothing aloe vera to treat acne and calm down any irritation at the same time, making it perfect for treating breakouts on even the most sensitive skin.

3. Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light – Look no further if you need a more targeted treatment. This Tria uses high intensity blue light to get rid of acne-causing bacteria that lies under the surface of the skin, helping to reduce breakouts and prevent future ones. It also unclogs pores, soothes the skin and reduces hyperpigmentation.

4.  Dr. Dennis Gross All-in-One Tinted Moisturizer – If school rules keep you from wearing makeup during the day, try a tinted moisturizer like this one. It offers just enough coverage to give you a flawless finish but is lightweight enough that no one will be the wiser. It also provides a shot of antioxidants and sun protection, and works for all skin types.

5. Murad Acne Body Wash – Acne doesn’t only occur on the face. It can also show up anywhere on your body, but usually the chest, shoulders and upper back. This body wash contains green tea, licorice root and salicylic acid to treat breakouts, as well as date seed powder to gentle exfoliate and deep cleanse pores. Keep it in your bag to use after gym class to bust bacne.


Aseya Atiq

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