Fight Hair Loss with Labo

Hair loss is something that isn’t really discussed a lot. The truth is, whether your hair loss or thinning hair is caused by genetics, hormones or stress, it can be incredibly frustrating and also a little embarrassing. As women, we are always told that our hair is our ‘crowning glory’ and it’s true, a good hair day can take a regular day from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’. For men, hair loss can be just as upsetting, but since balding is much more common in men, many of them are told to just deal with it and move on. This is exactly why we’re so excited to introduce Labo, a Swiss company that specializes in treating hair loss.

Labo products are manufactured in Switzerland and Italy, and today we’re going to talk about Crescina, their patented range that was developed to fight hair loss. What sets Labo apart is their dedication to creating products that work, as well as their incredibly vigorous testing methods. The company spends at least three months testing each product on volunteers in research institutes and hospitals, before the results are evaluated by experienced researchers. These researchers evaluate results by measuring the hair count, studying the scalp and follicles and comparing photograms. Recent results show up to 45% more regrowth in three months!

The Crescina products are dividedby the severity of the hair loss. So, if you are dealing with mild to severe hair loss, you should choose Crescina 300, but if you’re already fighting baldness then go straight for the big guns, Crescina 700. Each product is full of strand-thickening ingredients like cysteine, lysine and glycoprotein, in various strengths. You can choose from the Regrowth shampoo to gently cleanse and thicken weak hair, Regrowth treatment to stimulate the follicles and encourage them to start producing healthy hair cells, or the Complete Treatment which includes the Regrowth treatment and an Anti-Hair loss treatment for an even stronger remedy. Even better, each product comes in separate versions for men and women, to address the specific needs of each (bonus points for not having to share your shampoo!). For the best results, try combining the shampoo with one of the treatments. Say goodbye to hair loss and get ready to make 2014 the Year of Great Hair!

Interested in one of these products? Explore the full line here

Aseya Atiq

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