The New Alphabet: Your Guide to BB and CC Creams

BB creams and CC creams are currently two of the most popular products out there. Popularity for both stemmed from Asia, a hotbed for skincare trends, but nowadays it would be hard to find a beauty editor or makeup artist anywhere in the world who doesn’t have one in her makeup bag. If the only thing you know about BB and CC creams is that they have cute names, here’s your go-to guide.

BB Creams:

BB Creams, or Blemish Balms, first rose to fame in Asia when they were revealed to be the secret behind the perfect, porcelain skin of famous Korean actresses. However, BB creams were actually invented in Germany, way back in the 60s, by a dermatologist who wanted to protect, treat and perfect her patients’ skin after surgery. BB creams provide enough coverage to hide any imperfections. However, the wonderful thing about them is that they great for the skin, providing hydration, sun protection and antioxidant protection while also healing blemishes and fading scars. It’s no wonder they have taken the world by storm!

Sound appealing? Check out Filorga BB Cream. It contains skin loving ingredients like almond oil and Vitamin E, anti-ageing ingredients and even a soothing complex for sensitive, irritated skin. It’s perfect for girls-on-the-go who want to take care of their skin and look pretty and polished, but not overdone.

CC Creams:

If BB creams are the superstars of skincare, CC creams are their cool, older sister. Taking off on the success of BB creams, CC creams were developed to provide women with even more benefits. CC creams, or Color Correction creams, go the extra mile, canceling out any redness, blemishes or imperfections for an even more flawless finish. They are also chockfull of vitamins and provide even more anti-ageing benefits and sun protection than their predecessors. Plus, they are great for brightening a dull complexion and smoothing out wrinkles.

Are CC creams a little more up your alley? Try Dr. Dennis Gross CC Cream. Full of healing antioxidants, hyaluronic acid to plump up wrinkles, and broad spectrum SPF to ensure you’re protected, it’s great for busy women. Oh, and did we mention it will make cancel out any redness, cover up anything that needs to be hidden and make your skin look airbrushed? Not a bad deal for one product!


Aseya Atiq

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