Shine a Light- A Breakthrough Skincare Technology

Let’s face facts – no one wants to get old or suffer from bad skin. No one wants wrinkles crisscrossing their face like a gas station road map or a face red with breakouts. Although our desire to stay young and beautiful forever does not seem to fade, some of us might find that youth and clear skin does not always come easily.

Giving rise to a breakthrough in skincare, modern technology has come up with an exciting new tool. The biggest beauty breakthrough of the decade, light therapy has proven to be a very safe and useful method in eliminating anti-aging symptoms and improving the quality of your skin.

What is LED Light therapy?

LED Light Therapy is the use of light to create a soothing and anti-aging effect on the skin and is an energy renewal system for the whole body. It is quickly becoming recognized as one of the safest, fastest, and most affordable ways to achieve younger, more radiant looking skin. It reduces mental fatigue, relieves aches and pains, boosts the immune system and increases energy.

How does light therapy work?

Our body’s own aging process, coupled with exposure to the sun and pollution, destroys collagen, the connective tissue in our bodies that keeps skin healthy and wrinkle free. Light therapy uses highly concentrated beams of light energy to tunnel through the skin and jump start the body’s natural collagen production. The process is non-invasive, safe for all skin types, builds collagen and elastin, raises serotonin levels and uses no injections, chemicals or surgery.

How the Light Works:

Led Light Therapy is the use of specific types of light which give off energy that stimulates and heals your cells, thereby increasing the production of collagen and elastin. In turn, this makes your skin firmer, less wrinkled, and younger looking! This is known as LED Light Therapy. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Diodes give off energy in the form of light. These little diodes are compact, durable, powerful, bright, efficient, and non-invasive.

What Light Therapy can do for YOU:

  • Help Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Firm and Tone Your Skin
  • Reduce Pore Size
  • Restore Skin’s Youthful Radiance and Appearance
  • Enhance Collagen Production
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Your Energy Levels
  • Help You Sleep Deeper
  • Boost Immune System

It’s no secret that light therapy can grow, rejuvenate and heal damaged skin. When you sit through a light therapy session, you are bathed in healing therapeutic light that gives you the equivalent of a full night’s rest! You are giving yourself the high quality, personal nurturing that you deserve. You’ve chosen to take a break from years of stress, and reverse the aging process.

With BasharaCare you can indulge in the miracle session within the comfort of your own home, we recommend:

Lumitherapist LED Device and Tube by Filgora

The Filorga lumitherapist LED device works within 3 photo- regeneration programs. Firmness – Imperfections – Anti-fatigue / Skin radiance.  The light therapy device stimulates the production of collagen, while preventing its deterioration, it brightens the complexion and it activates skin repair mechanisms.

Skin Perfecting Blue Light by Tria Beauty

The most powerful Blue Light Therapy tool you can use at home, this device effectively clears up acne, prevents future breakouts, and minimizes large pores to leave you with a radiant, clear complexion. Safe and gentle enough you can use it daily.

Tria Skin Perfecting Serum

Boost the results of your light therapy with this serum, which fights acne, soothes skin, and increases cell turnover.


Injeel Firoz

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