10 Questions: Luanne D’Souza

We have handed this week’s 10 Questions to fashion blogger and social media consultant, Luanne D’Souza. Luanne uses her fashion blog, iamweesha.com, to promote healthy self-esteem and positive body image for women of all shapes and sizes. Luanne’s philosophy is that fashion should be fun and accessible, no matter what size you wear. And it works! She has been featured in local and international press and is already creating a stir in the fashion blogging scene. Luanne knows that it’s what is inside that counts, but having great skin can’t hurt! Check out Luanne’s favorite products and tips below.

1.     What does a normal day look like for you?

A majority of my day is spent online; I usually wake up to a bunch of emails regarding clients, my to-do lists and my blog. I make sure at least 80% off my work is done before 5 pm and a blog post is published by 8 pm every day. My evenings are always away from home – catching up with friends, dinner, maybe a visit to the mall and taking my dog Leia to the dog park. Before I go to bed, I work some more, mostly on my blog for a few hours. It’s very hard to switch off so I never get enough sleep!

 2.     How do you look after yourself? Do you work out, meditate, get massages, etc?

I occasionally schedule in massages and facials, though not as often as I would like. Leia gets walked 3 times a day, it’s a great way to exercise as well as clear my head.

 3.     What do you do to relax at the end of a long, stressful day?

Catching up with my favourite TV shows or Youtube gurus and Pinterest always help me unwind after a long day.

 4.     How would you describe your beauty personality? Low maintenance or high maintenance? An experimenter or loyal to one regimen?

I stick to what works for me and I like to keep it simple. I deep condition my hair once a week and always make sure to remove my make up every night. Because I’m now in my late 20s, I take my skin care seriously and cannot live without an eye cream and sunscreen.

5.     What type of skin do you have?

 I have oily- combination skin that’s prone to the occasional pimple.

 6.     Describe your morning beauty routine.

I use a black head eliminating face wash every morning, followed by an anti-wrinkle eye serum, an oil free moisturizer and sunscreen. If I have any meetings to attend, I always apply a matte primer before I put on my makeup.

7.     Describe your evening beauty routine.

I always look forward to my evening beauty routine; it’s a very satisfying feeling to cleanse away all the toxins of the day. I use a makeup remover for sensitive skin and every other night, I use a gentle exfoliator. My anti-wrinkle eye serum is a must have, followed by a rich moisturizer. I’m currently using the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Limited Edition from Elemis, it’s very luxurious, and smells amazing. I love the feeling of clean, moisturized skin. If I have any spots, I apply some of Elemis S.O.S Survival Cream on them and they usually disappear within two days.

8.     Do you have any natural or DIY skincare or beauty remedies that you can share with us?

 This might sound odd but I’ve actually tried the Elmers Glue trick to remove blackheads on my nose and it worked really well.

9.     Who are your beauty role models?

I would really like to know what Helen Mirren does to look so amazing. I hope my skin looks that good when I’m her age.

10.  What is the best skincare or beauty advice that you’ve ever received?

 The best advice I ever received was to moisturize. Because I had oily skin I used to stay away from anything with the word ‘hydrating’ but that actually made my skin produce more oil. Ever since I’ve started using the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Limited Edition, my skin has been less greasy and prone to break outs.


Aseya Atiq

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