10 Questions: Simone Gannon

This week’s 10 Questions were placed into the more-than-capable hands of magazine editor Simone Gannon. Hailing from the west of Ireland, Simone is a true multi-tasker, splitting her time between finding the best ways to keep your children entertained, looking after her adorable one-year-old son and hitting the city’s hottest events and launches. Between that and chasing after two puppies, Simone somehow manages to have time to review her favorite beauty products on her blog, simonelovesmakeup.com. We’re not exactly sure how she does it! Read on for a glimpse into Simone’s beauty habits.

1.     What does a normal day look like for you?

I get up at six with my son, have breakfast and then go get ready for work. I’m in the office from nine to six and home by six thirty.

2.     How do you look after yourself? Do you work out, meditate, get massages, etc?

Ha! I would if I had time. I took up Bikram Yoga a few months ago and kept at it for a while but I was losing too many evenings with my son so I gave it up. I look after my skin and try to get as much sleep as possible – no mean feat when you have a one year old!

 3. What do you do to relax at the end of a long, stressful day?

 I like to unwind by writing a blog post or taking my son and our two dogs for a walk.

 4.     How would you describe your beauty personality? Low maintenance or high maintenance? An experimenter or loyal to one regimen?

 Definitely an experimenter. I change my makeup and skincare all the time. There are too many great products around to stick to one type! My beauty personality is high maintenance. I can’t leave the house without a full face of makeup and reasonable looking hair.

5.     What type of skin do you have?

I have combination skin; dry around the edges with an oily t-zone and slight pigmentation on my cheeks and forehead.

6.     Describe your morning beauty routine.

I cleanse my face with a cleansing balm, and then cleanse with micellar water with rose petals. I apply a little bit of eye cream and then follow up with my moisturizer, Murad Essential C Moisturiser.

7.     Describe your evening beauty routine.

My evening routine is pretty much the same as morning, except in the evening I swap Murad Essential C for an anti-stress moisturizer.

8.     Do you have any natural or DIY skincare or beauty remedies that you can share with us?

No. I’m a product junkie!

9.     Who are your beauty role models?

Karolina Kurkova has beautiful skin and Mary Greenwell is just fabulous. I met her last year and she was even more fabulous in person.

10.  What is the best skincare or beauty advice that you’ve ever received?

To always remove makeup before bedtime and to always use eye cream, and to keep it in the fridge before you use it!


Aseya Atiq

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