Back to Basics with SACHAJUAN

In the 90s, Swedish hairstylists Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind gained fame working on a-listers and having their work published in magazines like Elle and Vogue. In 1997, the dynamic duo decided to open up the SACHAJUAN salon in Sweden, which quickly became the go-to spot for the manes of Scandinavia’s trendsetters. Taking it one step further, they created their very own range of hair care products also named SACHAJUAN.

The idea was simple: create no-fuss products that are easy to use and get the job done. Even the packaging is fuss-free and designed to let the product itself be the star. But don’t let that fool you. These products pack a powerful punch, hidden in the tiny form of…algae?

SACHAJUAN products use Ocean Silk Technology, which is a mix of proteins and minerals extracted from natural sea algae that comes straight from the ocean. These proteins and minerals are then taken in various concentrations and combined with other active ingredients, like ginger and argan oil, to provide immediate results, without making your hair feel stiff, sticky or heavy.

If you’ve been wondering about SACHAJUAN and would like to try out some products, here are just a few of our favorites to get you started.

Overnight Hair Repair – if your hair is feeling a little frazzled from constant blowdries or styling, this leave-in hair treatment will bring it back to life. Overnight Hair Repair contains pure water and also has the highest concentration of Ocean Silk Technology, giving your hair a giant boost of essential minerals and proteins.

Scalp Shampoo – treat an itchy, irritated scalp with this gentle cleansing shampoo. It contains Rosemary oil and Menthol to ease irritation and salicylic acid to gently slough away flakes and dead skin cells, without drying your hair out.

Hairspray Medium – finish off your style with a light mist of this hairspray for hold, minus the stickiness or crunchiness. This hairspray brush out easily and will also give your hair added shine.


Aseya Atiq

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