Keep Your Skin Healthy this Ramadan!

With the holy month of Ramadan just around the corner, it is time we all prepare ourselves. Fasting during the month of Ramadan has a multitude of benefits; it is one of the best times to detoxify your body, and lowering the toxicity levels in the body will help with break outs and other skin related issues.

As Ramadan this year is coinciding with summer, the fasting hours are bound to be very long, going up to almost 16 hours in a day; therefore it is of utmost importance that our bodies remain hydrated during this time. Dehydration during this month should be one of the major concerns. With the soaring temperatures of the summer heat, particularly here in the Middle East, it is vital to drink as much water as possible.

BasharaCare is here to help you out with any skin related issues that you might face during this month. Follow these tips to ensure your skin remains healthy and glowing throughout the month of Ramadan and just in time for Eid.

Eat Well For a Healthy Complexion

Most of us tend to get carried away by all the Ramadan treats available. Oily, fried foods or sugary sweets should not be consumed in large quantities as they tend to cause oily skin which is more prone to acne. What you eat during Suhoor and Iftaar has a major impact on your complexion. Make sure you break your fast with a warm glass of honey and lemon which will instantly trigger your metabolism as well as cleanse your insides.

During the month of Ramadan one should also increase their intake of fruits and vegetables. Fruit salads and soups are very popular during Ramadan time. Fruits contain large amount of vitamins and minerals which provide natural energy for human body that your body needs in Ramadan after fasting. By drinking juices or eating fruits you can gain more natural health benefits that help you remain fit and healthy.

Make sure your diet is vitamin rich and nutritionally balanced. Nuts are fabulous for the skin and rich in essential fatty acids. Vitamin B complex is also vital for great skin – especially vitamin B2 or riboflavin which will help your skin to glow. It’s also a good idea to consume foods rich in vitamin E and zinc to help repair skin damage and keep skin soft and supple. Foods rich in iron also help improve your skin tone.

Continue to drink plenty of water between your evening meal and breakfast before you begin your fast. Always carry bottled water with you and try to consume as much fluids as you can during the non fasting hours.

BasharaCare wishes you a very happy, healthy and blessed month of Ramadan.

Some products to help keep your skin hydrated:

Cellucur Hydro2 Infusion Mask

Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum

Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Intense Moisture Cream


Injeel Firoz

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