Reviderm’s Skintelligence to the Rescue

We have a confession to make which we are sure many of you will agree with: we find beauty counters to be extremely complex and time consuming; almost stressful if we are completely honest.  So many brands, varying prices and the worst – sales girls that don’t have a clue but want their commission!  One of our missions at BasharaCare is to eliminate the confusion in buying and the necessity of running from store to store to find what you want- we think you should be able to shop in comfort, have everything you need to help you make the right decision, and basically enjoy the process!

Today, we want to discuss price.  What makes one brand more expensive than other is not which celebrity endorses it, nor is it always the ingredients; the key anti-oxidants and vitamins are found in all creams across the price spectrum.  No, what makes a brand more valuable is the degree of concentration.  In most budget brands, the active ingredients only make up 2% of the cream.  Not so active then, is it?

Enter RevidermSkintelligence winner of the Beauty Forum Award in the category for designing and manufacturing excellence as well as research and development of new products.  When they say it deeply penetrates the skin they mean it – thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients that soften the keratosis, opening pathways for anti-ageing teams of OPC to really get deep into the epidermis.  If your cream does not break down the keratosis, the cream only stays on the surface – resulting in shine and product wastage. Try their Enzyme Peeling Paste exfoliant and see for yourself.

Admittedly, there comes a time when some of us turn to fillers, botox and laser to acheive more dramatic results.  And yes, they can make us look good, but the result is the skin gets dried out.  At the molecular level, the capillary wall becomes weaker so your skin regime needs to work on re-strengthening the capillaries and protecting you during your next session, which is exactly what Reviderm’s OPC technology does. For the best results choose between the OPC Creme Forte and the more concentrated version for mature skin: the OPC Active Concentrate

Alternatively, tell your cosmetologist that you found surgery in a bottle.  Reviderm has introduced us to a natural filler for wrinkles and we couldn’t keep the secret to ourselves.  Like the name suggests, the Argi-Syn Decontract deconstructs the skin, relaxing it, firming it and giving you the ‘filler’ effect.  It’s all about the concentration, divas!

Have you paid attention to how concentrated your creams are?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.


Mahita Aad

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