The Premium Treatment We Deserve

When we hit 35 and beyond (of course we are eternally 29 to the public), it becomes both acceptable and necessary to indulge in premium skin-care.  Only the very best can do justice to our changing beauty, skin and hormones.  Befitting of the name, Premium SkinDesign packs such a multitude of antioxidants, sea extracts and hyaluronic acid that the price is justified ten times over (once for every year it sheds, in our opinion).

Before we get into the select products available on BasharaCare, let’s revisit the basics of anti-ageing creams:

1)      The earlier you start protecting and enhancing collagen-growth, the longer it takes to see the first wrinkle.  The rhetoric rings true here, prevention is the best line line of defense.  Some beauty experts advise to introduce anti-ageing creams, especially Retinol as early as mid to late 20s.

2)     READ THE LABEL.  If it says ‘mature skin’ and your skin is not there yet (we envy you) buy the product for your mom, NOT FOR YOU.  Creams targeting mature skin are meant for the 35 year olds and older.  Using them when your skin is not ready does more harm than good.

Premium SkinDesign is for mature skin.  Let us take a minute to pay homage to our top picks:

The highly effective Eye Contouring visibly contours the eye area making it brighter, younger and healthier.  Combatting everything from dark circles, not-so-fine-wrinkles and hyperkeratosis, the main ingredient is sodium hydraulic acid followed by sodium PCA, a carbonic acid.  The label does say it is it mild, meaning it is safe to use for both day and night, but do protect the eyes with sunscreen and a really good pair of shades.

A mask that firms and tightens your face without the too-tight feeling, the Express Lifting Mask, can be used up to 2 times a week.  Like all Premium SkinDesign products, it is suitable for all skin types so if you are hypersensitive and feel a slight tingle when you first apply the mask, rest assured the tingling will subside within minutes.  Whatever your skin type, wash away the excess with luke-warm water and then embrace the new, radiant you.  All hail the marine extracts in this mask.


Mahita Aad

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