Cellucur to Acne’s Rescue

You may not know, but there are two causes for acne.  The obvious one is hormones, but did you know that in many cases in Dubai, the significant rise in problematic skin is due to a skin infection caused by the elements in the air?  The good news is that as a bacterial infection on the surface of the skin, acne is relatively easy to treat – especially with Cellucur, which is a brand that specializes in problematic skin and scarring caused by acne.

Naturally, the first products that we were introduced to us were the anti-bacterial cleansers which also remove fatty secretions from cells – and we know fatty secretions result in shiny skin that acne loves to feast on.  It was a welcome surprise to know that Cellucur provides two versions of their cleansing foam and matching cleanser: the regular one for oily skin and a gentler version for dry skin.  Because dry skin is not immune to bacterial infections or acne, Cellucur gives us the perfect solution here.

And now to work on detoxing the skin.  After cleansing, you can supress and control acne with their Sicca- based products, mainly of which can be used on a daily basis.  They have even thought of an emergency roll-on which conveniently fits in your purse. Purity roll-on works to cleanse the skin before the redness and spot reaches the surface of your skin.  Word to the wise, never leave home without it!  For a more intense treatment and especially if T-zone shine makes you want to hide under the covers for the rest of the summer, Cellucur has this potent solution to be used sparingly: 2 – 3 times a week unless otherwise advised.

On a final note, we want to address redness, that isn’t quite acne but rosacea is something that many of us have to deal with.  Unlike acne and hormonal problems, there is no cure for rosacea, it goes through dormant phases in the body then flares up.  All we can do is manage it by understanding the need to protect the vessels on the face, strengthen their walls and thereby manage the redness.  Cellucur has an entire line dedicated just for that: Couperose literally means “cut redness’ and the results are clinically proven.  Take your pick here.

Enjoy the last month of school and a glorious summer sans redness ladies!


Mahita Aad

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