HelioNature- Our New Find from the South of France

We cross the border from Belgium and to return to France, where the science of beauty is rumored to be born. A science our friends at HelioNature know well. HelioNature is an all-natural clinical brand. There are NO artificial colors and no animal extracts; just the very best of plant extracts and essential oils. Pure, natural beauty is their raison d’etre – a purpose that resonates well with us as well! The ‘skin doctor’ personality extends to the sharp white and blue packaging of the cleansing creams and eye care products we brought back with us. Let’s talk about the lines: at many companies, you can expect an overdressed PR assistant to tell you there are three types only: dry, oily, normal. Not at HelioNature. We got the 411 on active ingredients, method of application and expected results on the star products that solve a range of skin types and problems:

Dry– Try the Super Moisturizing Mask for deep moisture.

Oily– The Mattifying Gel Cream tackles oil and shine.

Acne- The Sebo Regulator with lactic and salicylic acids provides clearer skin in as little as 4 days.

Anti – Aging– If you want to attack wrinkles (more than firming) you will benefit from the collagen-stimulation of the Wrinkle Smoothing Serum. If you feel your skin is sagging, put a stop to gravity with this Firming Serum.

Pigmentation – Sun spots and age spots will be solved with this whitening BODY cream for that is gentle enough for the bikini area.

EyeEye Total Care. This product should be added to the dictionary under age-defying. Unlike whitening creams that just tackle pigmentation, the Eye Total Care also has caffeine extracts. For the same reason we use tea bags on our eyes (but these extracts are more active beneath the skin’s top layer), the caffeine clings to fat cells and removes them. It follows then, that your eye area becomes less fatty, which means no more puffiness! That is the first battle this cream fights. It also tackles wrinkles with Vitamin C and the dark circles with hyaluronic acid, like a whitening cream does. Definitely a go-to product for the summer, when the humidity melts our make-up and we can’t get away with too many layers of concealer!


Mahita Aad

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