A Note from Your Skin Re: Auriga

Dear Dubai Diva,

This is your tired skin addressing you on this hot summer day.  I know your diary is filled with appointments to the dermatologist, secret sessions with the Botox needle (hey, I must admit, I like the results!) and less secret quality time with the sun (remember to protect me when you’re out there!)

Yes, I like the tightening effect of Botox and fillers and I love the compliments and attention I receive almost as much you do.  But do you have to hide me from the public eye right after your appointments while the bruising subsides?  The Auriderm XO from Auriga is a cosmecuetical that is rich in Vitamin K and can be used before and after cosmetic treatments to prevent swelling and bruising – or at the very least minimize it.  If you have never heard of such a cream before, you are forgiven.  Auriga has no competitors in the market for anti-bruising.  You never have to fake a stomach upset and use the kids as an excuse to not see and be seen.

The next great discovery I want to introduce you to is Melaclear Cream.  It’s a balancing act between tanning and skin protection.  Unfortunately, you have yet to master the art and as a result, I have these ugly, seemingly-permanent sunspots where once I was utterly flawless and milk-white.  Please, please, get me back to my de-pigmented self – even if it means taking drastic measures.  Melaclear Cream is packed with fibrid acid and used zone-technology to compress the particles and make the active ingredient work deep within me – where pigmentation occurs.  Without the compressing abilities of zone-technology the serum would sit on my surface and not really be able to reach where the damage is.  Best of all, it’s safe to use if you are pregnant.

Please check them out today for my sake!


Mahita Aad


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