Braziliss Conquers May Mayhem

As we write this, Yahoo Weather reports humidity in the 40s and more than one friend has panicked about frizzy hair.  While we all agree that the infamous Dubai summer has been slow to hit us and the extended days of relatively cool weather is welcome, the coming few weeks and months will mean frizzy hair.  Dubai summers take no prisoners.  Regardless of your hair type or ethnicity; your hair will suddenly grow its own personality, making you run (literally) for cover using this season’s fashionable bandanas, headbands and other accessories.

With today’s post, BasharaCare gives you a reason to smile smugly and reply to panicked friends “What frizz?”  With Braziliss, summer tresses will be cool indoors and outdoors – and make the hair accessories exactly that: accessories to accentuate your hair and face.  No, we are not suggesting and expensive Brazilian blowout, these products miraculously improve hair’s manageability with or without Braziliss ™Therapy.

Back in Frizz 101, you learned that a healthy hair strand is sealed, protected and the number one solution to frizz-free hair.  Pollutants and humidity alike won’t be able to penetrate the hair strands if they are conditioned and protected properly.  That is what the entire line of Braziliss on BasharaCare offers: sealed, protected hair that is manageable no matter what Yahoo! Weather says.

For regular use, Braziliss have a sulfate-free Deep Luminosity Keratin Shampoo.  As an organic shampoo, it gentle cleanses the hair (perfect for daily use!) leaving the nutrients in your hair and not washed away with the suds.  This is where it gets the name ‘luminosity’ shiny, healthy hair remains on top.  To follow up with a conditioner, Braziliss offers two option:  The regular conditioner which has a similar make-up to the shampoo, or the leave-in spray version, which is an absolute necessity if you plan to blowdry your hair and subject is to heat and steam appliances.

If your calendar is filled with brunches and get-togethers as friends bid farewell to Dubai in the summer and pack for the holidays, then you are forgiven for over styling your hair.  Braziliss will keep it looking its best.   For seriously over-heated hair, we strongly recommend taking time out one evening twice a week and treating your hair to Braziliss’s hair mask.  Not only will it retain its smoothness from Keratin treatments, this masks keeps hair softens your hair for the perfect bouncy, weightless look and infuses hair with the protective shield we discusses in Frizz 101 to keep pollutants and other elements away from delicate hair strands.

Take our poll: How often do use a hair mask?

  • Once a week
  • Twice a week
  • Rarely
  • Never


-Mahita Aad

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