Spain’s AthenaLab protects Dubai!

Spain conjures up so many images: sunny days with sunnier personalities and highly active lifestyles to name a few.  Spaniards are renowned for their beauty and resilience in a tough economy.  So when a Spanish skincare brand surfaced from the recession asking us to bet on its future, we jumped on the opportunity. Mr. Alejandro Avendano brings 30 years of research, advanced technology and product development and packages it in the form of affordable, highly effective moisturizing and anti-aging creams. While we are always on the lookout for the affordable skincare, the caveat is it needs to be giving us fabulous results.  We put Spain’s AthenaLab under our scrutiny and the brand passed with flying colors.

Affordable:  AthenaLab’s Anti-aging Night Cream has caviar extracts in it.  But before you press the back button on your browser, it at a fraction of the cost of caviar enriched products.  Products with caviar are the equivalent to owning a Louis Vuitton bag for good reason.  Supercharged with Omega 3 and Omega 6, ingredients that may as well be found in the Fountain of Youth for their ability to soften wrinkles , this product is strongly recommended for skin with defined wrinkles, preferably over the age of 35.  All for under AED 500!

Highly effective: If wrinkles are not your main concern but really dry, flaky skin is, Mr. Alejandro has developed a product line just for you:  The Hydrating Day Cream from his Hydrating Line not only improves smoothness and reduces itchiness by 50%, it keeps working beneath the skin’s surface for 72 hours.  Short of a clinical facial, nothing comes close to these results.  The secret is a mix of three essential oils: joboba oil which we are used to seeing in face creams, along with lesser known but more effective pentavitin and argan oils

Never one to overlook the SPF on skincare, we were very pleased to see their day creams come with a minimum SPF of 30 and found that their SPF 100 is a gem that has total sunblock – and is tinted for that healthy glow! Hello picnics in the park, backyard BBQs and a summer spent entirely outdoors!  With AthenaLab, you are covered literally and figuratively.

What are your plans this summer?  Will you be staying in Dubai?


Mahita Aad

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