A Mineral Solution for all Skin Types and Tones

A luxurious, tax-free lifestyle notwithstanding, Dubai is famed for its cultural diversity.  With a healthy mix of Western expats, Asians, Arabs and a good representation from Africa and the Indian Subcontinent, group shots in this desert city often resemble a Benetton ad.  However, a colorful, diverse population does pose its challenges at the make-up counter: will you find the right shade of foundation?

Thankfully, with the arrival of glo•minerals to the UAE,  we can now answer with a resounding “YES!”  Your beautiful cocoa or golden skin no longer needs to go bare without foundation.  glo•minerals has some of the darkest shades of foundation in the industry.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, their foundations for fair skin take into consideration the underlying skintone ensuring a perfect match.

The three rules of foundation:

  1. Match your skin tone
  2. Be mindful of your skin type
  3. Does not suffocate the skin

The perfect foundation not only matches your skin-tone but is also tailored for your skin type.  As a general rule of thumb, people with oily-skin should avoid liquid foundation.  We found out that glo•minerals throws that rule out with your used make-up remover pads. They have a liquid foundation that is tailor-made to fit oily skin.  The secret: It is mineral based, very light on the face and designed by a renowned plastic surgeon.

We can bear witness to the fact that mineral foundations are indeed light, give maximum coverage with a barely-there feel and leave the skin looking exactly like you want it to look like: flawless with a healthy glow.  The fact that it is mineral based means it protects and beautifies simultaneously.  You no longer have to feel that you are wearing a mask and risk having the unnatural ‘cake’ look.

Added bonus: Mineral make-up is safe to use after non-invasive cosmetic surgery to camouflage the redness*.  This means you don’t have to hide at home for a few days after botox injections, fillers and facelift.  We could not believe that these pictures below were not airbrushed.  We love the vibrant glow the foundation has and its power to hide redness caused by acne and other mild skin diseases.

Untitled-1.inddglo minerals alakhanpal.indd

*Always consult your doctor first


Mahita Aad

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