Your New Anti-Aging Solution: Filorga

Scenario #1:  You are 25-35 – something, spoiling yourself rotten in the UAE and need to maintain your looks to match the lifestyle. Scenario #2: You are now approaching or have reached middle age, and though you have worked hard to keep your youthful looks, you feel time is working against you.  Which anti-aging product do you use?  Most brands targeting the anti aging industry will have at least three variations of the product: one for preventive, one for fine lines and one for ‘mature’ skin.  As if there is a ruler or calendar that tells you the precise moment that line becomes ‘fine’ or ‘mature.’

Solution: Run out of the store and head back to the beach (with your sunscreen on of course).  Filorga takes the guesswork out of anti-aging for you.  All their products are made to suit all stages of skin.  Just like the convenient BB creams (they have a BB cream too by the way), Filorga’s creams and peels are the proven to be highly effective, thanks to all the testing done in the company’s headquarters in France.

We were not surprised when we heard that their bestselling product is the Optim Eyes Contour (pronounced, of course, optimize). And does it ever!  Those poppers have never shone as bright, which is very impressive as cosmecueticals and cosmetic surgeons alike are challenged by the eye area. Need to see it to believe it?  Check out the before and after pictures below:


The French are undoubtedly on top of the game when it comes to beauty. And this excellent French lab has been in skincare for over a decade and in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine long before that.

On the subject of the finer things in life, peels are often considered the equivalent of designer handbags – a luxurious and much needed indulgence once in a while, though the reality is your skin needs more regular attention. With Filorga you can easily take care of your skin at home.  Despite the name, their Night Cream Sleep & Peel is a gentle exfoliate that is safe to use daily and for all ages.  Wake up to clear, flawless, youthful skin everyday.  C’est magnifique, n’est-ce pas?


Mahita Aad

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