Dr. Murad tells us why your body needs WATER

Today’s beauty tip: when you go to your next client meeting and they ask you if you want coffee, say, “No thanks, water would be perfect.”  Not only is your body thirsty in the summer, and 70% of your body (90% of your lungs, 80 % of blood) is made up of water, but your skincare solutions work better with hydrated skin cells.

Dr. Murad explains that in his research delving into the causes of aging, the single most important factor to degenerative skin was weak cell membranes allowing water to leak out.  Even worse, free radicals cling to the cell resulting in aging.  In contrast, the strongest and healthiest cells maintain optimal water levels and this is partly due to a strong membrane.  A membrane that Dr. Murad can reconstruct with The Cellular Water Principle ™ which is ingrained in each and every one of his products.

Moving out of biology class and onto your beauty counter, all 12 of Murad’s skincare regimes are comprised of three steps: cleansing, repairing and PROTECTING.  The most highly recommended skincare line is the Resurgence primarily because it is a combination of the age-combating Environmental Shield as well as the Acne line.  So you keep the breakouts at bay while protecting and healing your skin from the nature’s harsh elements – that are substantially harsher now this time of year.  Let’s take a closer look at this line:

The rest of the line includes TLC and protection for the most sensitive area of the face – the eyes.  Imagine an eye cream with an SPF of 30!  Only with Dr. Murad’s Essential C Eye Cream, borrowed from our second favorite line, the Environmental Shield, tackles puffiness, dark circles and the most stubborn wrinkles. Compliment this with their Intensive- C Radiance Peel, and never again will you say reversing the clock is impossible!

Confession time: How much water do you really drink per day?  Share your comments below!


Mahita Aad

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